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Sybiz Director Grant Argy

Grant Argy

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

As CEO & CTO Grant Argy continues to drive the rapid growth and innovation in product development that has already seen Sybiz secure itself as a formidable competitor in the global software market. Grant is a fiercely passionate, hands-on leader dedicated to pushing his team ever towards greater successes.

Constantly lured to the challenges of high-pressure environments, Grant began his professional life as a chef, excelling in numerous restaurants before co-owning his own café. Searching for a new challenge, Grant turned to software development, joining Sybiz as a part-time developer while still studying at university. Proving himself a skilled engineer and team leader, Grant quickly rose to Development Manager after completing his degree, before becoming an integral part of a management buyout in 2005.


Ben O'BrienBen O’Brien

Chief Financial Officer

Drawing upon his wealth of experience working closely with a wide range of Australian and international businesses, Ben O’Brien leads Sybiz in crafting a versatile business solution ready to face the challenges of new and evolving industries. As CFO Ben demonstrates his unique sense of creativity and talent for problem solving, remaining connected with the growing number of Sybiz users worldwide through active involvement in product implementation, support and development.

While earning degrees in Accounting, Management Information Systems and Project Management, Ben worked many years as an accountant before joining Sybiz as a consultant in 1998. His broad skill set allowed him to adopt numerous roles throughout his career, eventually becoming a key member of a management buyout in 2005. 

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