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Beretta Australia

By embracing Sybiz Vision’s capability to enhance workflows, provide highly customised insights, and a view towards utilising the great functionality introduced in our latest release, Beretta is dedicated to staying ahead of the competition.

Beretta Australia

“We’ve been with Sybiz since our inception.”

Founded in 2000, Beretta Australia has progressed from strength to strength under the stewardship of Founder and Managing Director Luca Scribani Rossi. Around 40 employees now connect with over 400 active dealers across Australia and operations spanning Asia and the Oceania region. 

And while the Beretta brand has been operating under 15 generations of the Beretta family, Beretta Australia holds its own multigenerational legacy. Senior Product Manager Clemente Scribani Rossi, like his father, is deeply involved in the day to day operations of the business. 

Clemente told us maximising efficiencies and profitability have been key goals for Beretta Australia over the past several years.

“Our competitors are getting a little bit more sophisticated, a little bit more professional and are starting to catch up to what we’re doing.”

“It took us a long time to become a market leader and staying there is even harder. We constantly review and improve everything we do.” 

Beretta Australia began its growth and success with Sybiz’s Classic program. But as new technologies have changed the market, they knew it was time to evolve their business management capability.

“When we started thinking about new software or transitioning, we had a moment where we said ‘Well it’s time to explore other options and see what’s currently available on the market.’ ”

But, after assessing the market and their own needs, Beretta Australia saw the new Sybiz Vision, combined with Sybiz Visipay to manage payroll, as the solution to carry their business into the future. 

“Before we invest the time into anything we need to be convinced it’s going to add value.”

A lack of change management can be devastating to the success of implementing a new ERP solution. With confidence in the capability of their new solution, Clemente made himself available to staff during training sessions and after implementation to ensure a smooth transition. The familiar interface made Sybiz Vision easy to adjust to. 

“There were maybe a couple of teething issues the first couple of days but, probably by week 3, I was down to one question a week. I thought that was a great result.”

The upgrade to the new Sybiz Vision presented greater possibilities for Beretta Australia to manage their sales and distribution intelligence. 

The ability to further customise the solution has been a huge hit with staff at Beretta Australia. Each user has individual wants and needs, making custom grids a perfect way to give everyone unique and efficient insight. 

These custom grids provide insights as simple as Purchase and Sales Transaction History, shown alongside exchange rates, to more tailored grids to allow Serial Number lookup.

Working with Visionaries to create custom grids means no more cutting and pasting, or searching across multiple reports to analyse sets of data.

“They’d actually show me on my computer. After the first two or three they made for me, I started doing it myself.”Beretta Australia and Sybiz Vision

Experiences with other CRM solutions had left many in Beretta Australia - and their associated dealers - thinking of CRM as a four-letter word, “It created a lot more work than benefit.”

But with a trust in Sybiz Vision’s approach to providing native CRM capability in our ERP solution, Beretta Australia is starting to see the benefit. 

“We were forgetting all these leads and all these customer interactions, so we need something to write it down for ourselves. It helps the person actually entering them in as a reminder, but then the added benefit is that anyone else in the company or at least their manager can see what they’re getting up to.”

When Beretta Australia needed an eCommerce solution, Visionaries was able to connect them with Systems Practice, a third-party provider and Sybiz Business Partner.

“Our dealers have a web portal where they log in with their username and password.

“It pulls a lot of information from Sybiz – pictures, sales notes, special prices; they see all our products in a nice, easy-to-use format, they can add those items to the cart, they can check out and it processes an order into our system. We’ve been doing that for the last 2 and a half years.”

“We’re 100% confident the information our dealers see online is what we have in our system. It’s replaced about 50% of our order entry.”

When it came time to move over to the new Sybiz Vision, Clemente noted their eCommerce solution, SPNet, also transitioned seamlessly.

“We worked closely with Systems Practice during the transition. They set up their software on our side and we just pointed the website from Sybiz Vision Classic to the new version within the same day. Our dealers don’t even know we’ve moved on to a new system.”

Sybiz Vision is helping Beretta to achieve their goals: increasing efficiency and profitability. By embracing Sybiz Vision’s capability to enhance workflows, provide highly customised insights, and a view towards utilising the great functionality introduced in our latest release, Beretta is dedicated to staying ahead of the competition.


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