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West Coast Automotive Supplies

Increased reporting insight and streamlined workflows are helping West Coast Automotive Supplies kickstart their journey with Sybiz Vision.

West Coast Automotive Supplies

“It does everything we need it to do.”

Changing ERP solution can seem like a daunting undertaking for any business which inevitably leads to decision makers holding off. Even when they know that change is necessary!

Sharyn Orr, office manager at West Coast Automotive Supplies, told us they had been long-time users of Sybiz’s Classic solution, which helped them to become a leading supplier of panel and paint consumables in Western Australia.

“We’ve been going for 23 odd years. Our main business is automotive paint. We sell everything from paint down to abrasive that panel shops use. We just opened another shop in Albany, so we’re branching out a bit more.”

But with their business growing, Sharyn could see they needed to vastly upgrade their ERP capability.

“The reps were asking for different sorts of reports and wanting to know different things and I just said to the boss we’re going to have to go with the new Sybiz Vision. I think that you’ll find that we’ll get more out of it that way with what the boys are wanting, which has been the case. We can do a lot more for them.”

The decision was made once they saw how their outdated solution was holding them back. West Coast Automotive Supplies

“It wasn’t, ‘will we?’ It was a case of, ‘when are we going to change?’”

Gaining more than functionality

When they started investigating the new Sybiz Vision, Sharyn and the team saw that it was capable of delivering the solutions they needed.

“I think the reporting with the ability to customise them, that was excellent, I loved that. It’s a lot easier than Sybiz Vision Classic.”

However, it isn’t just the breadth of functionality that has improved their operations. With their new Sybiz Vision ERP solution, West Coast Automotive Supplies are seeing the advantages of faster processing speeds and streamlined workflows. This in turn means better customer service and productivity.

“Our end of month is so quick now!…All the processes are a lot quicker!”

“[It’s] a lot easier searching things as well I’ve found, you’ve got more scope when you’re searching.”

Now that they no longer need to roll over at the end of every month, Sharyn says the rest of the team at West Coast Automotive Supplies have been given more freedom to continue working without needing to worry if their ERP solution is keeping up. 

“The boys just continue on [working]. You’re not saying, ‘make sure you’re working in [the right period].’ They just carry on and it doesn’t really matter.”

The ability to customise Sybiz Vision also gave users an incredible opportunity to create a solution that is as unique as their own business.

“We’ve now got one product grid and it shows us what we’ve got in stock, whether it’s in the warehouse, whether it’s in Albany, whether it’s in the van, that type of thing. And it gives us the pricing. That’s now been customised and it’s got what we need.”

A better solution through consultation

Of course, this is was all made possible by Advanced Accounting Systems, their Sybiz Authorised Business Partner.

Combining their unique knowledge of the solution and West Coast Automotive Supplies’ operations, Advanced Accounting Systems were able to deliver a personalised solution in close consultation with Sharyn and the rest of the team.

“The guys at Advanced Accounting Systems are great. Sean’s excellent and Dal knows more about the accounting but they’re both good.”

As West Coast Automotive Supplies have gotten used to their new ERP solution, Advanced Accounting Systems have continued to provide consultation and advice. 

“I think it was just a case of the new [solution] was a bit daunting but it didn’t need to be because it was quite good.”

“We can just flick an email [to Advanced Accounting Systems] and get an answer straight away…They’re always there to help us.”

Looking to the future

Even when assessing other ERP solutions on the market, Sharyn and the team at West Coast Automotive could tell Sybiz was going to be able to carry their business into the future.

“Times are changing…We were at that point where it was going to be change going forward, like going to the new Sybiz Vision or change.”

“We’re quite happy at the moment. It does everything we need it to do.”


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