Webinar Assistance

Sybiz uses Microsoft Teams to host our webinar sessions. This is a free, trusted service for our customers to attend webinars. The following information will assist you in regisitering for, and taking part in, Sybiz's free webinar sessions.

Webinar Assistance


Registering for webinars

 - Fill in the required fields on the registration form.

 - You will receive confirmation via email, including a link to access the webinar session.

 - Add this link to your calendar in your local time zone to create a calendar alert before the session begins.

 - By registering for a webinar, you are welcome to attend the live event, watch the recording later or both.


Attending live webinars

 - To join the live webinar click on the link provided in your confirmation email or calendar appointment a few minutes before the scheduled start time. Check the timezone of the confirmation email or calendar appointment.

 - You have the option to open the event from Microsoft Teams or join via an internet browser.

 - If you have a Microsoft account, you can login and join using this account. If you do not have a Microsoft account you can join anonymously on the web. We recommend providing your email address in the name field when you join, so we are able to contact you if you have questions during the session. This will not be visible to other attendees.

 - If the event hasn't started, you'll see a message stating 'The live event has not yet started'.

 - Ensure your headphones or computer speaker volume is on as audio will stream with the video.

 - During the webinar session attendee microphones are automatically muted. You can interact and ask questions using the Q&A panel in your Microsoft Teams dashboard.

 - If the live event begins for you in a low resolution, you can manually reset it to a higher resolution by clicking the Tools/Settings icon on the bottom right of the screen and selecting Quality.

 - During the live stream, attendees are able to jump to earlier parts of the webinar on the video timeline and continue watching from that point. This may help with any buffering issues.

 - When watching the video live, the LIVE text on the bottom left of the video window will display in red. If you have scrolled back to a previous point in the timeline, the LIVE text will display in white.

Watching webinars later

 - If you have registered for a session but are unable to attend the live event for any reason, you can still watch the recorded session once made available. A link will be emailed, usually within 24 hours, to the address provided at registration. The video will also be available through our website and YouTube channel.


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