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Sybiz Vision 16.22

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New Features


The service module allows tracking of service related items, requests and actions and it facilitates invoicing the work and material used to complete a service.

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Ability to purchase fixed assets through purchasing module
The Purchase Requisition functionality can now facilitate Asset acquisitions.

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Comparative profit & loss report added
In addition to the existing Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date profit and loss report, we have added a comparative profit and loss report, allowing users to compare the state of the business to that of previous years. (CR151127841)


Customisable Information Panel
The Information panel (accessed by pressing F9) is now fully customisable. Users can add or remove fields and even create a tabbed window.


Ability for users to export / import product barcodes
Product barcodes can now be bulk imported by exporting a product list spreadsheet, adding the relevant barcodes then importing the updated spreadsheet into Sybiz Vision. (CR161232208)
Expansion of post-processing correction mechanism
Change of delivery address, delivery instructions and bank reconciliation end date can be updated on already processed transactions except orders and quotes (CR161031442, 160529658, 160730429)


Special pricing for head office / branch office customers
Branch offices now use any special prices that are defined for their head office. This saves users from having to enter special prices for each of the offices of a company they do business with. (CR160931067)
Posting receipts and payments for jobs straight from cashbook
Sybiz Vision cashbook now has the ability to post receipts and payments relating to jobs directly. This accommodates companies with a process where entering job costs is cashbook centric rather than job centric. (CR150726474)


Custom Pivots support drill-down to underlying data
Custom pivots are a flexible way to look at data in Sybiz Vision, turning your data into valuable information. The pivots are now even more powerful with the added ability to drill down into individual lines.


New From on Periodic Bills
Sybiz Vision’s New From functionality is now available for Periodic Bills. Data is carried across to reduce entry time when creating multiple similar transactions. (CR160931045)
Ability to reverse lines
Swap the debit and credit lines on a journal or locations on a stock transfer, creating a reversal of what was originally entered or processed. Any selected offsets will not be reversed but cleared from the transaction.


Expanded emailing options
Exchange, Outlook and SMTP email servers are now supported.

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Additional information on sales and purchase transaction documents
Users can now choose to show Amount Paid, Amount Outstanding and Due On (Date) information on all sales and purchase transaction documents.

New budget field in Profit & Loss report
Year to Date profit & loss reports can be further customised to include budget figures. (CR160931203)

Sales by product report now displays the order/delivery customer details
The sales by product report now gives a clearer picture of which customers ordered and received goods. This is especially relevant when dealing with head and branch offices, where the customer who ordered products is not necessarily the customer who received the invoice. (CR161131870)
Enquiring on a product from stock fulfilment
The stock fulfilment feature in Manufacturing now displays reorder levels, lead times and other information in addition to quantity required. (CR161232215)

New filter option on outstanding quotes and orders reports
Outstanding quotes and outstanding order reports can now be filtered by the sales representative who looks after the customers involved. (CR161131876)
Sales representatives and analysis codes can now be linked to jobs
Sales representatives can now be linked to jobs. This allows greater analysis should the sales representative that is normally linked to the customer differ. Analysis codes can also be directly linked to jobs. (CR160529868)


More efficient entry of dates and times
Data entry can be completed solely with the keyboard across all forms where times and dates are entered, including timesheets, making the process easier and faster. (CR161232229)


Delivery date column in stock allocation
The stock allocation screen can now display the delivery date of orders. This helps the user decide what orders to prioritise if stock is limited. (CR170232776)

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Back-to-back purchase order resembles sales order more closely
Both purchase and sales screens when processing a back-to-back order will display items in the same order, making visual comparison and verification easier. (CR170232746)

Saved transactions can be viewed in relation to inventory
While already visible when drilling down on the relevant customer or supplier, any saved transactions can now be viewed by drilling down into inventory items. (CR161232349)
Extensions to New From functionality in transactions
Any prices in a transaction are duplicated into the next transaction when using the New From feature. A notification will advise users to refresh prices if they wish to use the latest instead. (CR160228528)
Supplier’s product code added to purchase transactions
All purchase transactions now have the ability to also include the supplier-defined product code for quick reference and verification. (CR151227986)


Discount on header of purchase transactions
If a supplier offers a discount on all lines of a purchase transaction this can now be set at the header level, as with sales transactions. (CR161232155)


Irish VAT 3 return now includes boxes ES1 and ES2
The Irish tax return includes boxes ES1 and ES2 for services to and from EU countries. These boxes are now added to the GL report. (CR160931282)
Additional data available in purchase and sales detail reports
Purchase and sales detail reports can now be further customised with codes, group codes and sort codes fields for jobs, accounts and products. (CR160931255)
More custom fields supported in Job estimates
Job estimates now support custom fields on headers as well as lines. (CR160228743)
Pay and Process support for advanced jobs
Advanced jobs now support pay and process, making it possible to use pay and process in combination with posting methods by stage or cost centre. (CR151027349)
Visual indication of linked information
To indicate that there is linked information, such as attachments, notes, reminders or CRM activities, the UI now displays the relevant buttons in bold. (CR150324876)

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Expanded functionality of processed sales quotes
Sales quotes now accept adding new lines after processing. (CR170232780)


Additional account information on invoices
Sales invoices can include total outstanding and overdue amounts (CR161232261)

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Fixes and Improvements


  • Charge now updates correctly on purchase delivery and invoice when cost is changed before a quantity is entered. (CR170333233)

  • Transaction batch history report shows the correct entry time. (CR170333134)

  • Creditors aged balance report shows last payment in correct currency. (CR170232940)

  • A straight purchase credit no longer shows a cost of 0 (zero). (CR170433427)

  • Fixed issue where line type in Cashbook and Journals could not be changed. (CR170333259)

  • All quantity fields are now carried over when converting from Sybiz Vision Classic. (CR170333349, 170232875)

  • Special price discount for a customer is now applied correctly to job costs. (CR170433468)

  • Base currencies that use a full stop as a ‘thousands’ unit separator now round and display correctly. (CR150726238, 161232361, 150927187)

  • Invoice enquiry no longer checks for processing rights instead of access rights. (CR161232320)

  • Custom grids now allow editing and selecting of cells without restoring layout. (CR161232271)

  • Quantity & Value Report no longer shows incorrect profit values. (CR161132017)

  • Changing products from non-diminishing to diminishing is prevented unless Quantity on hand is 0 (zero). (CR161131912)

  • Solved issue where transaction properties were not always passed to breakpoints correctly. (CR161232359)

  • “Fix out of range products” utility renamed “Fix out of range prices.” Have also made a number of UI and speed improvements. (CR161232363)

  • Ability to mark all lines as counted within a stocktake even if counted quantity is 0 (zero). (CR160830707)

  • Screens for Open transaction and Add document now maintain state. (CR170132489)

  • Fixed an issue in Change Log where on import it showed all rather than imported products as changed. (CR161031491)

  • Previously serial or lot tracked products can now be made tracked products again. (CR170232846)

  • A CRM category can now be immediately applied when it is created from within the activity form. (CR170232801)

  • Selecting an email preview now shows the email address in the To field. (CR170232792)

  • Unit charge no longer has rounding issues when changing labour quantity in timesheets. (CR170132627)

  • Fixed an issue where the Postings node in GL enquiry would occasionally display transactions twice. (CR160529756)

  • Locking mechanism no longer allows two conflicting bank reconciliation screens to be open. (CR170132554)

  • Export has been made considerably faster for large data sets. (CR170232821) 

  • Fixed an issue where purchase orders created by stock fulfilment were sometimes processed while configured to only save. (CR170232686)

  • The search panel shown when using New From no longer displays duplicate source transactions. (CR170232848)

  • Conditional formatting on the stock allocation window is now correctly saved for the user. (CR170232838)

  • Fixed issue where the active transaction window sometimes appeared behind the main Sybiz Vision window if its document was set to print. (CR170232696)

  • Suggest order wizard no longer splits orders with one per location setting. (CR170333062)

  • Validation now prevents simultaneous deliveries by different users to cross order limit. (CR170333053)

  • Purchase GL account can now be selected on purchase template. (CR170433418) 

  • Resolved issue where some custom views or additional information would disappear after refreshing or logging out. (CR161232281, 161232269, 161232065)  

  • Assemblies manufactured on delivery show margins and mark-ups based on their estimated costs. (CR160730605)

  • Debtor and Creditor statement reports as well as customer and supplier aged balance list reports now use the current session date to determine aging when run as part of a report set. (CR160529619)

  • Fixed ‘Invalid column name’ error in BIC Purchases Master and Sales Master reports (CR160328824, 170232798)

  • BIC Year to Date reports only include amounts of the relevant period (CR160529850, 161131998, 151127752)


  • Processing a job estimate after deleting a line no longer causes an error (CR170533812) 

  • Inclusive mode purchase transactions that are created with New From based on a transaction processed prior to version 16.20 can now have their unit price changed (CR170533831)

  • Previewing a GL cashbook payment from the GL history enquiry screen now displays the correct transactions (CR170533827)

  • Job estimates show the job and line details on the forms (CR170533819)

  • When the information panel is opened for a product using F9, it now shows the correct sales order value (CR170533813)

  • JC payments in cashbook no longer cause an error when a tax value is added (CR170533805)

  • SQL queries on custom reports can be created and edited with both the SQL editor and the query builder (CR170533867)

  • Customisation will be populated with data without the need to parse the query prior to saving. If the query is invalid the user is prevented from saving the customisation (CR170533847)

  • Designer can be accessed in all customisations (CR170533853)

  • Visipay.Net staff link can be linked to a Vision.Net database (CR170533835)

  • Cashbook payments and receipts show supplier and customer details (CR170533895, 170533912)

  • Charge updates properly when changing labour type in a Service Action (CR170533938)

  • Customer import no longer throws an error (CR170533906)

  • Corrected a posting where a purchase invoice from a discounted order added the discount amount to the job (CR170533995)


  • Purchase invoice lines with equal positive and negative quantities of the same item no longer cause incorrect accrual postings (CR170634115)

  • A divide by zero error that in rare cases appeared on the customer enquiry screen has been corrected (CR170634212)

  • Stock allocation grid allows editing on the fly of allocated quantity and the reserve date. Only if the grid is currently read-only, a restore default layout is required. (CR170634225)

  • Included fix for import of fixed asset depreciation book (CR170534047)


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