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Sybiz Vision 17.00

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New Features


New features in Manufacturing
Manufacturing has received significant enhancements to functionality and performance.

Transactions have a new materials list tab that shows all components of assemblies. This list can be generated down to a desired level of subcomponents and fully edited to determine what will be used when processing the assembly.

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The estimated unit cost of assemblies is greatly improved, serial tracking on components is now supported, assemblies can be marked to behave as normal products and the process of returning and reversing manufactured items now more accurately reflects real-world scenarios.

There are also new features such as tree structures of materials added to reports, and overall performance of manufacturing is improved. (CR151228104, 170232659, 170232965, 170132511, 161232199, 160931305, 170634205, 170333295, 170132492, 170835084, 170132459)

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Updated user interface
Sybiz Vision has introduced a clean, updated visual style along with improvements to user interface layout.

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Contracts prices available for Service, Job Costing and inventory sales
Contracts can be defined for service, jobs and product sales. Prices of a contract override all other prices configured in the system.

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CRM Sales Force Automation 
Customer Relationship Management supports creation and maintenance of leads and opportunities, and allows users to define sales processes with custom workflow stages. (CR170533724)

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Structured stock matrix in transactions
Purchasing and selling of structured stock is greatly enhanced by the introduction of a special line type that lets users enter the structure rather than an individual product, and then interact with a matrix of all the structure members. (CR160630015)

Rebates in sales transactions
Rebate lines are a new way to alter the revenue of a completed sale. This caters for a scenario where a customer receives a part refund, or a shared risk-scenario where a company’s supplier sells goods for a certain price but periodically discounts the items that were actually sold. (CR170433409)

More company details available on reports
Sales documents and reports now support the addition of a company logo and banking details which can be included on all documents. (CR160931169)

Integrated document viewer
Sybiz Vision 17 introduces a new document viewer that lets users easily preview common file formats without any external applications. Multiple documents can be selected and previewed all at once.

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Purchase requisition tracking and automation
Approving purchase requisitions triggers the generation of a purchase order. Increased visibility of purchase requisitions makes the process of approval more flexible. (CR161131718, 170132570, 170433390)

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Display last 10 transactions processed
Users now have the ability to access a list of the last 10 transactions that have been processed for the current transaction type in the session. (CR141023464)

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Spellchecking in CRM text fields
Free-text fields in CRM now support spellchecking for the user-defined language. (CR170132611)

Detailed view of offset payments and invoices
Access information about any offsets made against transactions by right clicking on a transaction and selecting Show Offset Details. (CR141123657)

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Oldest invoices are selected as first to offset
Payments received automatically select the oldest invoices to offset. (CR170433550)

Add analysis codes for cashbook transactions
Payments and receipts in cashbook can be made directly against analysis codes. (CR161031552)

Template fields default for cashbook reference and description
Reference and description fields from cashbook templates are used rather than copied from the previous line. (CR161031357)

Offset screen now includes supplier invoice number
When receiving payments, the offset screen shows the supplier invoice number as well as the internal reference. (CR161232161)

Export of offsets screens
Creditor and debtor offsets screens can now be exported. (CR150726314)

Expanded capability for the Document Store
The document store now accepts drag and drop as well as adding files from a list of those recently used on the system. (CR170333232)

Order location editable before processing
If an invoice or delivery is based on an order, the location can be changed as long nothing has been delivered or invoiced yet. (CR160931326)

Import / export capability for Job budgets
Job budgets now come with its own import and export facility. (CR170433572)

Description field for Job Estimate templates
Job estimate templates have an added Description field. (CR170132583)

Import Timesheet data from files
Timesheet data can be imported from a spreadsheet or comma separated list. (CR150525459)

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Special price lists now exportable
Customer and Supplier special prices can now be exported to Excel for maintenance. (CR170333297)

Import spreadsheets into standard cost wizard
The standard cost wizard can now utilise spreadsheets to update the cost of multiple products. (CR160529598)

Negative stock warning on transactions
A warning denotes when a transaction will cause a product that can go into negative to go below zero quantity. There is also a warning to inform there will not be enough stock to complete a delivery those items. (CR150626050, 140822817)

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Alerts show when trading terms exceeded
Sales transactions can warn when a selected customer has exceeded their trading terms. The existing warning for exceeded credit limit has a more visible position. (CR160630095, 160630098)

Invoice and deliver all allocated stock
When invoicing a sales order, users can see the allocated quantity then choose to invoice and deliver all allocated stock from the Update Lines menu. (CR170533979)

Custom fields in CRM
Activities in CRM support custom fields.

Expanded link options for CRM activities and case files
CRM activities and case files can be logged from jobs, and now support links to prospective customers. It is also possible to drag and drop email messages. (CR170533717, 170333114, 170232702)

Reprint archived documents after correction
Archived documents can be reprinted after corrections are made to the underlying transactions. (CR170533781)

Removal of unnecessary accrual postings for product groups
Accrual postings for certain product groups (those posting to accounts other than closing inventory) no longer occur when creating an order. This avoids instances where unwanted accruals remain if a straight credit or return was processed. (CR170533920)

Generic conversion tab in Service
Generic conversion now has a tab for Service conversion. (CR170533923)

New From quotes carry current session date
Sales quotes created with the New From feature will have the current session date as the default transaction date. (CR170433472)

Select All in finance charge wizard
The finance wizard has the ability for all items to be selected or de-selected in a single action. (CR170433571)

Ability to see base and foreign currency side by side
Transactions now have an optional column to show line totals in base currency in case users trade in foreign currency and require an indication that the foreign amount is indeed correct. (CR170433582)

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Job estimate transaction dates now editable
The transaction date on a job estimate can be changed after it has been processed. (CR170433599)

Empty fields in wizards automatically cleared
Empty fields in wizards and other update screens now cause the data for that field to be cleared. If the field is required, empty values are ignored. (CR170634370)

Grouping of enquiry screen tabs
Enquiry screen tabs are collected together in groups that can be collapsed or expanded. Users can nominate 'favourite' tabs for quick access as well as set a default tab to display when opening an enquiry screen.

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Hyperlinks in grids
Hyperlinks in custom grids and enquiry screens are now clickable. (CR170533692)

Change to automatic text selection
Notes are no longer automatically selected in their entirety when opened, preventing accidental deletion. (CR161131706)

Custom grids can be added to most ribbon bar buttons 
Custom grids are no longer limited to the first button in the ribbon for each ledger. Users can now have custom grids drop down from multiple ribbon bar icons, depending on the use.

Required fields for import and export now highlighted
It is now easier to know which fields are compulsory for imports by exporting an empty sheet first. (CR170232911)

Notify when a saved transaction already exists
When creating a new transaction based on an order, users receive a warning if a saved transaction already exists. The warning now has the ability to open that saved order. (CR161232350)

Select alternative for inactive products
In transactions it is now possible to select alternates for products that are inactive. (CR161232353)

Switch between automatic and manual numbering
Users have the ability to overwrite the automatically generated transaction number and can enter an order number on purchase invoices. (CR161131771, 161131844)

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Indication of attached documents
In enquiry screens there is now visible indication if a shown item has documents attached to it. (CR161132010)

Partial payment in Pay & Process
Pay & Process has a new payment type, Account, which allows processing of partial payment. (CR161232046)

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Improvements to import speed
The performance of importing has been greatly improved, especially when importing large data sets. (CR160529776)

(Graph based on internal testing. Actual time to import will depend on the type of data being imported and user configuration)

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Fixes and Improvements

  • The Fixed Asset Depreciation Schedule report has a more logical layout and included dates are more meaningful. (CR170534012)

  • The subject column in CRM activities grids can be expanded to show more information. (CR170634341)

  • The delivery date of a purchase requisition is no longer automatically reset to the transaction date. (CR170634211)

  • Location field behaviour on job transaction header and lines is now consistent with sales transactions. (CR151027317)

  • Suppliers in the cashbook after an automatic payment run are sorted in the same order as they were in the wizard. (CR151027348)

  • Improved performance of sales transactions with a large number of head office/branch office connections. (CR150926948)

  • Activity statement report now shows summary 2A and 2B values and now has correct figures if payroll report frequency differs from other reporting frequency. (CR170634072, 170232737)

  • The activity list in case file refreshes automatically without closing and reopening the window. (CR170132400)

  • The track order screen shows the order number in the window title bar. (CR170834912)

  • Roles that have just been created can access report sets. (CR170834902)

  • Roles other than Administrator or User can access report sets. (CR170433554)

  • The sales order document no longer shows a total ex tax of zero. (CR170834975)

  • SQL variables in custom pivot refresh correctly. (CR170834824)

  • The profit & loss statement report retains the date parameter when it is included in a report set. (CR170634248)

  • The error given when stocktake encounters an invalid product balance is more specific and includes the offending product. (CR170333352)

  • Processing outside of the financial year no longer shows an incorrect error description about turnover limits. (CR170734460)

  • The cost of the first line in a stock transfer is now correct in all cases. (CR170734650)

  • The discount on a line is no longer cleared on saving a periodic bill. (CR170533715)

  • The standard cost wizard no longer throws an error if there’s an order with multiple deliveries. (CR170533720)

  • The product mass update wizard no longer allows updating prices using mark-up without selecting a base. (CR170132411)

  • Search queries in custom search support more than 255 characters. (CR170533658)

  • Serial tracking numbers in draft preview are refreshed after saving an invoice. (CR170533700)

  • Transaction history report only shows relevant project GL accounts when filtered by project. (CR170433456)

  • A new service request cloned from an existing request clears status and completion fields. (CR170533842)

  • The email option can now be correctly changed from SMTP to Outlook and emailing on terminal server can no longer throw an error. (CR170533752, 170232876)

  • Sales representative is now included in the CRM activities report. (CR170533898)

  • Service request enquiry can be accessed from the grid and from edit mode. (CR170533940, 170533976)

  • New Zealand tax sales and income figures no longer change with manual sales or purchase adjustments. (CR170433564)

  • Conversion doesn’t truncate sort codes which caused the link to child records to be lost. (CR170333325)

  • Conversion now correctly handles products that are components of an assembly without being assemblies themselves. (CR161132023)

  • The customer statement report and statement run are consistent irrespective of changes to the ageing date. (CR170433425)

  • The always use template pricing setting is now used for export customers when in inclusive mode. (CR170433574)

  • Cash transactions don’t cause excessive white space in the bank deposit slip. (CR170433576)

  • The periodic bills report correctly supports sorting. (CR170534001)

  • The email link in service items is active. (CR170533977)

  • The debtor – sales by product report totals the correct data when grouping. (CR170634108)

  • A custom panel no longer prevents opening the standard panel of the same type. (CR170634110)

  • Custom panels can’t be imported to overwrite system panels. (CR170634111)

  • Period start dates follow the previous period end date correctly. (CR170634125)

  • Purchase credits post correctly when they contain positive and negative quantities for the same item. (CR170634169)

  • Gross profit is still correct after posting a credit without a return and improved handling of credits and returns in the gross profit and sales report. (CR170634187, 161031508)

  • The sales invoice document shows the correct net delivered value when sales credits are used in the transaction. (CR170734598)

  • The down arrow key can be used in cashbook split lines without an error being raised and hotkeys are now fully functional in split lines. (CR170634249, 141123820, 141123826)

  • Purchase header custom fields can be edited after an upgrade. Any custom fields on purchase headers that were not upgraded correctly to 16.xx have been restored in 17.00. (CR170634347)

  • Customer changed breakpoints only run at the appropriate events. (CR170634441, 170533777)

  • The correct transaction is selected when drilling down on a purchase transaction from history. (CR170634386)

  • The postings node in general ledger enquiry does not show duplicates and therefore matches history. (CR170734727)

  • The profit & loss report zooms without issues. (CR170734563)

  • The project profit & loss report now shows values where no transaction occurred but budget figures are present. (CR170734588)

  • Common database setup now functions with font size set to maximum. (CR170232764)

  • Only a single template will be selected on the purchase order default template screen. (CR151127603)

  • Rounding no longer prohibits certain tax inclusive prices when using special prices. (CR150626045)

  • Automatic license update also works for customisation. (CR160730363)

  • Data is consistent between enquiry and edit screens of serial costed products. (CR170333287)

  • The GL export for external accounting packages includes the alternate account code. (CR170834887)

  • The inventory sales analytic no longer shows the sum value of unit charge. (CR170634112)

  • The width of the sort code column on the supplier list screen can be adjusted. (CR170734788)

  • Balances of customer statements and the aged balance report now agree for past periods. (CR170734696)


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