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Making Tax Digital UK

The Making Tax Digital for VAT (MTDfV) initiative aims to modernise the UK tax system by introducing regular digital record keeping. 

From 1 April 2019, VAT-registered businesses over the £85,000 threshold are required to submit quarterly VAT returns to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) using MTD compatible software such as Sybiz Vision. 

Signing up for MTD
Before you are able to submit MTDfV you will first need to sign up for MTD via the UK Government Gateway. This process is required only once and can be done by following the steps below:

1. Visit https://www.gov.uk/guidance/sign-up-for-making-tax-digital-for-vat.
2. Read through the information provided, then click on the relevant link under 'Sign up'.
3. Follow the sign-up process (Sybiz Vision 18.12 and above submit through MTD for VAT).
4. When prompted, sign in using your Government Gateway User ID. If you do not have a Government Gateway User ID, you will be able to create one at this step.
5. You will receive an email to verify your email address, click on the link in the email to complete the verification process.
6. Read and accept the terms and conditions.

You should receive confirmation from HMRC that you can start submitting MTD for VAT within approximately 24 hours.

Authorising MTD in Sybiz Vision
Once you have upgraded to Sybiz Vision 18.12 a new 'Making Tax Digital' icon will appear in the ribbon bar under General Ledger > Tax Manager.

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The first time you click 'Making Tax Digital' you will be prompted to enter an authorisation code into Sybiz Vision. This code authorises Sybiz Vision to communicate with HMRC on your business's behalf for an 18 month period, at which time you will be prompted to authorise the software again.

To access your authorisation code you will need to login to HMRC Online Services using your Government Gateway credentials when prompted by Sybiz Vision. A code will be provided that you can copy and paste into Sybiz Vision, as below:

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Once you have successfully entered your authorisation code, the Making Tax Digital screen will appear.

Using MTD in Sybiz Vision
When you are ready to submit your return to the HMRC you will need to close the tax period for that return as you would normally in Sybiz Vision. Once the tax period has been closed, you will be able to select it for submission.

In Sybiz Vision, go to General Ledger > Tax Manager > Making Tax Digital.  

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You will be presented with a screen that shows the information related to your return. The HMRC information will display the dates of the return they are expecting from you.

Select the tax period that corresponds with your outstanding reporting obligation from the drop-down list, and submit by clicking OK. The most recently closed tax period is shown at the top of the list.

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You will be able to view your return by logging into HMRC Online Services approximately 24 hours after you have submitted.





New Job Estimate Email Templates
Job Estimates now have email templates available to make emailing estimates directly to customers faster, easier and more consistent. (CR180938920)

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Layout improvements for Service Items and Service Requests 
Service Items and Service Requests have had significant changes to their layouts to make data entry of essential fields easier. The changes include grouping relevant data together across tabs and accommodating multiple address lines being displayed at once. (CR180537656)

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Microsoft SQL 2019 compatibility
Microsoft SQL 2019 is now officially supported in Sybiz Vision 18.10.

Summary totals for Quantity fields
Quantity fields now include Summary totals on the Product Enquiry screens, allowing users to see totals at a glance for quicker product assessment. (CR180938883)
Speed and display improvements on transaction imports
Significant improvements have been made to speeds and the presentation of data validation issues when importing transactions, making them faster and clearer. (CR190139902)

Periodic Billing improvements 
A new reference field has been added to the standard Periodic Bill Maintenance grid, making it simpler for users to identify transactions. (CR190139812)

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More visible exchange rates 
The exchange rate used on a transaction is now visible after processing the transaction. This allows users to check the specific exchange rate applied to the transaction at any time by hovering over the currency on a processed transaction. (CR180938819)

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Fixes and Improvements



  • The Timesheet Enquiry grid now displays the total time in footers. (CR190340486)

  • The Timesheet Dialog grid now displays totals for charge and cost in footers. (CR190440672)

  • Job Pre-invoice and Invoice screens now show grid footer totals. (CR190440558)

  • Transaction documents resent as an email where more than one contact exists no longer raises an exception. (CR190340414)

  • ​Improvements have been made to the conversion process including validating appropriate product group accounts when only active General Ledger accounts are converted and only running appropriate health checks based on modules and options selected. (CR190540907, CR190440572)



  • Standard and custom schedulers in ‘Unscheduled Requests Only’ mode will remove items from the unscheduled list as they are scheduled, without the need to refresh. (CR190540783)

  • ​Attempting to email preview a processed quote, order, invoice etc no longer elicits an "Index was out of range" error where there are 2 or more contacts set to receive that document. (CR190340414)

  • A Total is now shown on the Quantity column on the Job Enquiry screen for Timesheets. (CR190340486)

  • Grid column Totals are now shown on the Job Pre-invoice and Job Costed invoice screens. (CR190440558)

  • Improvements have been made to to Conversions; running Health Checks only on items that are relevant and selected. (CR190440572)

  • The Timesheet grid now shows the total value of charge and cost. (CR190440672)



  • Email addresses with less than 3 characters before the domain name are supported again. (CR181139527)

  • The Job Estimate transaction report includes information such as Stage, Cost Centre code and Description fields once again. (CR190240010)

  • ​​​Job retention edit / split function now saves values and does not require scrolling. (CR190139866)

  • A purchase template used in a purchase order, delivery or invoice does not update totals correctly and if not manually corrected the transaction will be processed incorrectly. (CR​190240242)​

  • The Reconciliation report no longer shows service entries if not selected. (CR180938917)

  • The Save, Open and Folder dialogs have been reverted back to standard Microsoft Window dialogs and are no longer skinned. (CR190139951)

  • An issue with product images not converting from Sybiz Vision Classic has been resolved. (CR190139871)

  • Using the clear filter function on grids no longer results in an error. (CR181039103)

  • Cashbook history now displays tax as positive / negative values as required. (CR181039263)

  • Manufacture orders opened from custom grids will be editable if appropriate to do so. (CR190139810)

  • Blank lines will be ignored when importing serial numbers. (CR181239776)

  • Credit card surcharge tax is calculated correctly if it is not the first payment method. (CR181239694)

  • The BIC repository path now saves changes. (CR181139487)

  • The Sales Summary report now makes additional fields available and uses the same logic as the Sales by Customer and Sales by Product reports. (CR181039096)

  • The Assembly report now shows the same information as shown on the Maintenance / Enquiry screens. (CR180738576)

  • Additional improvements for when darker toned skins are in use. (CR181239632)

  • A number of fixes have been made to the Customer Head Office/Branch Office transaction behaviour. (CR190139949, CR190139830, CR181239775)

  • Reprinting documents when multiple templates exist will now create a unique file name for each file created thus rendering all templates correctly in print preview or email. (CR181139411)

  • Conditional formatting on Purchase Credits now save correctly. (CR181239629)

  • Service Quotes and Job Estimate prices will now be correctly converted to base currency when associated with a foreign customer. (CR181139569)

  • An error will no longer occur when changing supplier groups. (CR190240067)

  • Non-diminishing stock that allow unit cost changes will no longer reset to their default value at the time of processing. (CR190240036)

  • Assemblies will now show on the Stock Allocation tab when reserved. (CR180939033)

  • Exporting Pivot/Analytic grids to .xlsx format will now save with the correct file extension. (CR181139457)

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