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Sybiz Vision 22.10

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Important Information

Discounts applied to Cashbook
Discounts can no longer be applied to Cashbook lines manually to ensure tax postings accurately match GL postings. Discounts must be applied to individual transactions where they will be derived by the offsets in Cashbook. (CR2202-0213)

Changes to custom fields and grids
The way in which descriptions and captions are displayed in Sybiz Vision has changed. The name shown at the top of the custom grid being displayed now shows the description text (the name displayed on the button in the menu) instead of the caption text. This could alter the names of some custom grids which may need to be updated to a more familiar name. (CR210546165)

Additionally, custom fields no longer accept apostrophe characters in the naming conventions. Any fields that currently use apostophes will need to be amended. (CR210245463)

Microsoft.NET Framework upgrade
Version 22+ of Sybiz Vision utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Some custom add-ons may require updating prior to upgrading to Sybiz 22+. Some older supported operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 22. This update will not affect Microsoft SQL Server but may impact servers running Web API.

Any customers on a Microsoft.NET Framework prior to version 4.8 may not be able to web update. We recommend having Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.8 installed and ready prior to upgrading to Sybiz version 22+ to prevent any complications.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003), Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2), and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 are not compatible with Sybiz 22.10 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading. Microsoft Windows 11 is supported for Sybiz 22+ with compatibility extending to some other later versions of Sybiz solutions.

DevExpress upgrade
Version 22.10 of Sybiz Vision utilises DevExpress version



New Features

New classifications for CRM
Get more out of Sybiz Vision CRM with new classification fields for Case Files. This new function gives customer-facing staff the ability to drill down further in grids and CRM analytics to see even more information in a structured and useful way.

In the video example below, we've set up classifications to manage a product return.

Switch on these new fields by selecting the 'Use case file classifications' checkbox in CRM Defaults and add your own customisable options in the Lookups menu.

Two-way associated and alternate products
Associated and alternate products are now able to be linked bi-directionally, making it easier to create two-way links between products with a simple click. This new feature is also supported when importing and exporting products. (CR201044672)

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Security rights for sales price changes
New security rights have been added to give system administrators more control over which users are able to change product prices in Sybiz Vision. This includes changing discounts, using the total adjustment tool, or any action that results in the price being changed on sales transactions. The new security option, Override Product Price, can now be managed in Role permissions. 

More complex price handling scenarios can be managed with Breakpoints functionality. (CR170835094)

Inclusive and exclusive customer special prices
Special prices for customers have had an upgrade. The value colum in the price type option has been extended to give users the option to input special price values inclusive or exclusive of tax, simplifying sales. (CR2202-0201)

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Supplier special prices now include product codes
Supplier product codes are now included in supplier special prices to allow users to import special prices direct from suppliers using their product codes. In addition, this new feature assists users searching for products within these columns. (CR201044782)

HTML formatting introduced for Notes
Notes in Sybiz Vision now support HTML formatting as well as plain text. When exporting notes, they will still export in plain text only. (CR191142658)

Directly access document store items
Custom grids can now be built consisting of document store items. This gives users the ability to directly access document store items via customisations. (CR200944509)


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New export option for assembly costs
A new export option is now available for assembly costs that allows users to identify the previous cost of assemblies and what the new cost of components are. This new exportable data calculates the new cost of assembly items based on their components and the current costs, the data can then be imported back in directly via the standard update cost wizard.

Where standard costed, multiple levels of assemblies are being used, the export may need to be run multiple times to cater for sub-assemblies that have a knock-on affect on subsequent levels of costings. (CR160429357)

Alternate products for assembly components
Users are now able to view and switch to alternate products for components when maintaining assemblies. Users can quickly substitute individual components with a handy drop-down menu in the assemblies product field. (CR211247218)

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Cashbook transactions from Bank Feeds now use bank date
From version 22.10 of Sybiz Vision, when users create Cashbook transactions from the Bank Feeds function, the transaction will default to the date on the bank statement rather than the system date. This enhancement better reflects the most accurate transaction date being entered into Sybiz Vision. (CR2202-0184)

Extension to GL reconciliation report
An extension has been made to the standard ledger reconciliation report in the General Ledger to include goods received not invoiced accrual reconciliation. (CR201044641)

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Improvements to Job Costing default posting methods
Now, when Defaults in Job Costing are changed to allow different posting methods (for stages and cost centres), Sybiz Vision will auto-assign default posting accounts where there are any that are blank and auto-populate where posting accounts have been used before, making it easier to transition from one posting method to another.  (CR200744080)

Service information in purchase transactions
Service request related information has been added to purchase transactions, aiding staff in being able to connect service requests with purchase transactions more easily. (CR210145333)

Mobile app enhancements
Several enhancements have been made to the Vision Purchase mobile app for the release of Sybiz Vision 22.10. Users can update to the latest app version on Apple and Android stores now!

Easy select project on orders
It is now easier to select projects on orders within the Vision Purchase app, saving users time. (CR2202-0207, CR2202-0204)

Expanded order list
The order list has been expanded to include more visible information for users. (CR2202-0203)

Set display options for lists
Users are now able to choose their preferred list to be displayed when opening the Vision Purchase app. (CR2202-0202)


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Fixes and Improvements

  • Users can now use CTRL+C keyboard shortcuts on a processed cashbook to copy details from individual cells. (CR200744169)

  • Meter charge breaks now behave as expected. (CR200744169)

  • File attachments named based on transaction numbers will now exclude invalid characters. (CR210946855)

  • There have been several improvements to the standard layout of customer and supplier statements. (CR21147103)

  • Contacts now populate as expected on leads/opportunities. (CR211147127)

  • Serial numbers no longer required to be entered again on assembly components from a sales transaction. (CR211147171)

  • The location set on the periodic bill header is now transferred to orders and invoices created in the run. (CR2112-0009)

  • Migrating a saved purchased order now works as expected. (CR2112-0036)

  •  State management for analytic grid drill-down has been improved. (CR2201-0080)

  • Enquiry chart functionality has been restored. (CR2112-0054)

  • Sales pick deletion logic has been improved. (CR2202-0243)

  • Signature devices now reset after signature has been taken. (CR2202-0259)

  • Fixes to allow product supplier and fixed asset depreciation imports. (CR2201-0079)

  • Miscellaneous other fixes have been included in this release. (CR2112-0061, CR2202-0269, CR2202-0294, CR2203-0345, CR2201-0090)

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