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Sybiz Vision 23.00

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Important Information

Minimum supported version of Microsoft SQL Server

The minimum supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server for Sybiz Vision 23 have moved from 2012 to 2017. These compatibility levels are enforced with a message displaying on upgrade to version 23.00 if the user’s minimum requirements fall outside of this scope prior to the database being upgraded.

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We recommend that anyone upgrading their Microsoft SQL Server upgrades to the latest version available at the time, rather than to the minimum supported version, for not only greater longevity but also better performance capabilities.

Old Suggest Order Wizard removed
The old Suggest Order Wizard, made available for a small number of customers to utilise for a short period, is being removed from Sybiz Vision version 23.00. Any customers still using this will need to be ready to use the new functionality before upgrading to this version.

The presentation of Change Log has been updated
The Change Log is now presented in a grid rather than in text form, making it much easier to search, sort, filter, and apply date ranges. This enhancement speeds up the process when looking for changes, as well as making the entry and output of information more efficient. See the Enhancements list below for more detail.

Changes to the way foreign currency is displayed in transactions
The way foreign currencies for foreign customers are displayed on the transaction price dropdown has changed. Previously, the base (local) currency was displayed, however from version 23.00 the value will reflect the applicable currency of the foreign customer. This change is related to an enhancement that extends these changes to customer special prices.

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New setting 'Allow tracking number generation' on Products
A new setting, called 'Allow tracking number generation' is available for Products. This setting decides whether the end user may generate new serial numbers when stock is being moved out (stock coming in has not been affected). The default for this option on new products is turned off. (CR2208-1112)

Deprecated Breakpoints removed
Breakpoints that were deprecated in older versions of Sybiz Vision have been removed from Sybiz 23. An error message will display on installation of Sybiz 23 where deprecated Breakpoints are still active. Sybiz Authorised Business Partners have access to the full list of removed Breakpoints. (CR2208-1035)

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003), Microsoft SQL Server (2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2016), and Microsoft Windows Server 2012 are not compatible with Sybiz 23.00 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading. Microsoft Windows 11 is supported for Sybiz 23 with compatibility extending to some other later versions of Sybiz solutions.

DevExpress upgrade
Version 23.00 of Sybiz Vision utilises DevExpress version


New Features

Major security extensions software wide!

The security and integrity of your business data is more important than ever. To accommodate the ever-growing needs of businesses worldwide, Sybiz 23 brings major upgrades to the way employees can view, edit and manage system data. With Sybiz 23, you can be confident that the right people have access to the right data when they need it.

New security extensions at role level
Individual tabs in Sybiz Vision can now be restricted, allowing administrators fine grain control over which user roles can add and edit changes in very specific areas of the software. View and/or edit access can be removed for certain functions such as images or adding and changing bank details for suppliers, or access to entire custom tabs where it is not applicable to the users role or a regularly required function.

These new security rights are only applicable to the Sybiz Vision desktop application and cannot be changed through Breakpoints or Web API functions, however, Breakpoints can extend customised security even further. (CR210445914)


New security rights for entering accounts in Cashbook
Additional security rights have been added to restrict unintended users from entering new or changing bank account details in Cashbook where EFT is ticked but there is no account already saved in Sybiz Vision to help prevent instances of fraud or error. These can be customised to each role or user to allow certain functions such as entering receipts but restrict outgoing payments to other users. Accounts are able to be secured individually by type (GL, CR, DR, JC, SV) from Administration > Roles > Transactions > Cashbook.  (CR210546169)

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New ways to manage password security
System administrators are now able to set warnings in Sybiz Vision to advise users that their chosen password is insecure, inappropriate for their requirements or has been breached in some format online. Passwords can also be constrained to use certain types of characters, and a minimum length enforced for more secure passwords company wide.

System administrators can also now request all users change their password on their next login. This is especially useful if there has been a security issue within the business, or if you are setting up password constraints for the first time.

This new feature is not automatically enabled for existing customers who are upgrading but will be turned on as a default for new companies or new installs and applies to Vision mobile apps. Turn this feature on in the File > Settings > Password Constraints menu. (CR2204-0515)

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Microsoft Windows Authentication for Sybiz Vision
Users are able to utilise their Microsoft Windows Authentication for login to Sybiz Vision instead of their unique Sybiz credentials if configured by System Administrators, adding further layers of protection to your data with multi-factor authenticators, especially when working off-site and making logging in even easier for employees.

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New security extensions at Breakpoint field level
Breakpoints are now able to be easily configured to disable text editing on fields in core entity areas in Sybiz Vision. This function will be especially useful for approval processes where information needs to be seen and potentially copied and pasted, but not changed. Breakpoints extensions also apply at custom field level.
Level up your Service Management!

Sybiz 23 brings big ticket new features for improved Service Management, including the new Advanced Service Management module, Service mobile app and Service Workflows.

Advanced Service Management
Service Management has been levelled up in Sybiz 23, now offering an advanced version for customers who need added functionality. Much like Advanced Jobs, Advanced Service brings with it service invoices and credits. Individual line items from service requests can now be put through as separate invoices and credits with different tax codes or requirements, allowing greater flexibility in the way service items are invoiced and credited. (CR190540967, CR201144895)


Service Workflows
Service workflows have been introduced to help users navigate through their unique business process of service requests from start to finish. Workflow Stages and Steps can be configured to track service-related information that needs to be invoiced or followed up with such as calling the customer, travel time, work time, and more. Service Workflows will be especially useful for tracking chargeable consumables whilst onsite.

This exciting new function was designed for use with, and flows through to the new Vision Service mobile app, coming soon!

A new Service mobile app is coming soon!
An all-new mobile app for Sybiz Vision Service users is coming soon - Vision Service! Sybiz Vision's Service app allows users to manage their service requests on or off-site. Users are able to see an outline of all scheduled service callouts and requests in an easy view scrolling calendar as well as view and create timesheets and service actions. 

With location services enabled, easily access service request locations on the road and make sure you're heading in the right direction. See the days appointment locations at a glance or drill down per request to get where you're going faster.

Sybiz's mobile solutions have been created with specific roles in mind and adapted for touchscreen devices to provide flexibility and control that will be familiar to Sybiz Vision users.


Other new features
Custom Enquiry Dashboards
Users now have the ability to access custom dashboards from enquiry screens, allowing easy access to visual data and quick comparisons on the fly. Visibly accessible from the Custom dropdown on enquiry screens, custom enquiries can be designed and added via the Administration tab > Custom Enquiries and then selecting Dashboard as the type. These effortlessly available dashboards can display grids, pivots, and graphs, just like standard dashboards, with individual panel sections able to be maximised and minimised as needed. If a panel is maximised and the enquiry screen closed, Sybiz Vision saves this preference to the user state. (CR170433473​)

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New mobile app specific user licenses

A new option for user licenses in Sybiz Vision is now available! Web API users (specific to mobile apps) are at a lower cost than standard Vision users and can only be used for mobile app access, whereas Vision users can be used as both Vision and mobile app users.



Easily add supplier details to TPAR grids
Users can now easily add or edit supplier details directly from the TPAR grid, allowing for quick corrections at TPAR reporting time. (CR2207-0889)

Offsetting in Quick Receipts
Users are now able to quickly and efficiently offset charges against invoices in the Quick receipts function. (CR210746625)

Smart offsets in Quick Receipts
The smart offset function allows amounts to automatically be offset to the most appropriate invoice allocated against that customer in the system. (CR210746625)

Add credit card surcharges in Quick Receipts
Credit card surcharges are now supported in the Quick Receipts function allowing easy percentage calculation of surcharges on payments received when needed.

Tax settings for these functions will need to be adjusted to allocate funds as GST applicable or non-applicable based on the primary nature of supply, affecting both Quick Receipts and Pay and Process. (CR200944552)

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Timesheet errors have moved to warnings
Job and Service timesheets in Sybiz Vision previously generated errors in instances where the time input exceeds the end date of the timesheet to prevent user error. This function has now changed to a warning, allowing users to process the timesheet where times do not exactly match but still warning them in case of error. (CR190540824)

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Prompts for saved Job Costed and Service invoices 
Where an invoice has been started and saved against a Job or Service item, a prompt is now shown when that Job or Service item is reopened to allow users to continue with a previous invoicing task rather than beginning fresh and having multiple saved and unprocessed invoices against the same Service item or Job. (CR2205-0676)

New and improved Application Log 
The Application Log now operates in a separate screen, allowing it to function and search while the user is utilising other parts of Sybiz Vision. The process is now driven by date range rather than restricted by the individual entries, and can be filtered by column, allowing for a more simple and efficient search process.

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Change Log has a new look and feel
The Change Log is now presented in a grid rather than in text form, making it much easier to search, sort, filter, and apply date ranges. This enhancement speeds up the process when looking for changes, as well as making the entry and output of information more efficient. Users can also apply Ctrl + F to find specific information in the application.


Change Log is now available in CRM
As part of the above enhancement, Change Log has also been extended to the CRM module. The change log icon can now be found on the CRM ribbon bar so users can quickly see what has been changed in this area. (CR170634342)

User stamps in CRM and Notes
User stamps generated in Sybiz Vision's CRM activities, case files, and system notes now have an option to be added to the top or bottom of existing text for ease of use and for improved alignment with business processes.

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New display for the Activity Store Grid
Users now have the ability to see case files, activities, leads or opportunities and their associated activity previews in a simple tiled view without opening up each individual activity. (CR2112-0040)

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Extended customer special prices on transactions
All possible price calculations are now displayed on price dropdowns in open transactions, including customer special prices, discounts, and quantity related price specials (for example, customers receive a reduced rate if they purchase 10 or more of an item). This exciting change will allow sales reps and administration staff greater pricing clarity on the fly and provides a better sales experience for their customers. Selecting a new price from the dropdown does not affect the quantity of the transaction.

This enhancement is related to a change outlined in the Important Information section that extends these changes to customer special prices. If the transaction is for a foreign customer, all available prices will be displayed in the applicable foreign currency.

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Price scales in Vision Sales mobile app
Users can now select their preferred price scales on sales quotes and orders in the Vision Sales mobile app. When selecting a location, the quantity on hand is now viewable at a glance for each location, making quotes and ordering more transparent in face-to-face sales. This functionality has been applied as part of the above enhancement (CR2206-0730, CR2206-0731)

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Stock allocation in Vision Sales mobile app
Users can now allocate stock to specific orders, reserving and securing the required items by location in real-time. (CR2206-0732)

New tracking on Quotes
New tracking on is now available on sales quotes. When a sales quote is processed and turned into an order or an invoice, users are able to track the quote process including changes to any individual line items. This makes it a quick and simple process for users to view the original quoted items and review this against what was actually ordered. (CR210846787, CR210946851)

Automatic refresh options for Custom Grids
Users are now able to choose how and when their custom grids refresh. Custom fields have two refresh options available, interactive refresh and auto refresh. With interactive refresh, the information will refresh each time you navigate back to the grid screen in Sybiz Vision. With auto refresh, users can choose a repetitive time frame for the refresh to occur; for example, every 5 minutes, or every 240 minutes (this time frame applies once the grid has completed the refresh).

Interactive refresh can also combine with auto refresh, this enables the information to refresh only if the time frame has elapsed. For example, a custom grid may be set to refresh every 10 minutes, however a user may be navigating in and out of the screen multiple times during that 10-minute time frame. The information will not update on interaction until 10 minutes has passed, enabling system performance to be more tightly controlled. Users can still right-click on the grid to manually refresh as needed.

Using automatic and interactive refresh options on grids with large amounts of data needs to be considered carefully to manage system performance. (CR210445882)

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Custom grids now have quick access transaction correction 
Transaction corrections have become easier on custom grids, with users now able to right-click and select Correction to launch the correction facility instead of navigating to the ribbon bar menu. (CR2208-1038)

Custom fields have been extended to Periodic Bills
Custom fields that are currently available on standard transactions have now been extended availability to periodic bills. (CR210646406)

New types of enumeration on custom fields
Custom fields now have more options for sorting lists. In previous versions, all Sybiz Vision users only had the option of sorted lists for custom fields. Now users can choose from two options, Enumeration Sorted and Enumeration Unsorted. Enumeration Sorted lists are displayed alphabetical order, whereas Enumeration Unsorted lists are displayed in the order they are entered when set up making these lists more functional in the software. 

Lists can now also be exported, cleared, modified and reimported for easy alterations to existing lists. (CR180337083)

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New static list type for custom fields
A static list type is now available in custom fields. Static lists are set up with a code, value and active flag, and are sorted in order of code. Active flags can be deactivated on individual items, removing the item from the list in use, but without removing the relevant data from custom fields that already contain that item. Static lists can be searched for based on either code or description, making them a versatile custom list type.

Tabbed based analytical pivots
Pivots in Analytics have become tab based, with pivots and charts now viewable independently of each other. This will be particularly useful for large pivots with a lot of data, or where users prefer to only look at numbers or a visual representation of trends. Where no cells are selected, all data will be displayed on the Chart tab, however users may select rows or columns of cells on the Pivot tab and have only that data displayed on the Chart tab. (CR170433473)

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Chart dates are rolling 12 months
Charts in the debtor, creditor, and inventory ledgers are now based on a rolling 12 months from the current system date (still ordered by January - December). This upgrade to a rolling 12-month system allows users to more easily view data with a month-by-month comparison, year-on-year. Users can change their system session date as a once off as needed by clicking on the calendar date on the bottom right of the main Sybiz Vision screen and setting a specific date. (CR170433473​)

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Product Search behaviour is now available everywhere in the software
If product search is enabled in Sybiz Vision, this behaviour will be extended to all other areas of the software in version 23. Now, every look up control will use the product search criteria, allowing barcode scanning, partial code descriptions, and associated products, for example, to be accessed from maintenance screens and all other areas of Sybiz Vision. (CR210445871)

New default unit of measure for products
New purchase and sales unit of measure defaults are now available for products, making it easier for users to buy and sell products at the preferred quantities. (CR210646252)

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Ability to copy Supplier Product Codes from transactions
Supplier product codes have now been made selectable on purchase transactions, allowing them to be copied and pasted where needed. (CR2206-0748)

Longer Supplier Product Codes
Supplier Product Codes have now been increased to 50 characters in length for greater flexibility. (CR201144998)

Improved mobile search in Vision Purchase app
Customers now have a better search experience for products with long descriptions, with the code and description now being displayed on separate lines and wrapping text for clearer information. (CR2208-1009)

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Ability to change serial and lot numbers
Users now have the ability to make corrections to active serial and lot numbers. Simply type in the old (existing) serial number or lot number and provide the new number for the update to occur. This does not allow for the merging of lots, but should rather be utilised for error data entry corrections. (CR2204-0447)

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Assemblies marked as manufacture-on-delivery can have by-products
Assemblies marked as manufacture on delivery can now have by-products, allowing for more diversity in the way businesses sell and exchange products with their customers. (CR210345829)

Suggest Order Wizard expanded for sub-assemblies
The Suggest Order Wizard has been expanded to take into account multiple levels of assemblies. This allows for more appropriate calculations and suggestions of sub-assembly components. (CR200844298)

New 'End of Next Month' trading term
A new trading term has been included in Sybiz Vision 23. Called 'End of Next Month' in look ups, this is now automatically available to allow for more flexibility in payment and trading terms for customers and suppliers. For customers who do not wish to use this trading term, it can be easily unselected in the Lookups menu. (CR210445855)

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New Posting Method filter on the Fixed Asset Transaction History Report
A new filter has been introduced to the Transaction History Report that allows Fixed Assets Acquired and Fixed Assets Disposed to be displayed. This is especially useful for auditing purposes. (CR200744089)

Import and export option for Customer Delivery Addresses
Sybiz Vision now offers an import and export option for customer delivery addresses, useful for those customers who have multiple locations. (CR210445937)

Import and export option for Prices of Structured Products
A new import and export option has been added to Sybiz Vision for Prices of Structured Products. This new option only updates the pricing structure and not the products themselves. (CR210446043)

Fixed markup percentages are now easier
Now, if the minimum and maximum markups are all equal, any changes to the fixed margin will also update the minimum and maximum values. (CR210646249)

New columns available in Stocktake
New columns have been made available in Stocktake to let customers review values based on counted quantities, and the difference between the value on hand and the counted value. These new columns will help customers with large stocktakes who might need to check for errors and reconcile their stocktake. (CR211147158)

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New link to pay VAT in return filing workflow
A new link to pay VAT is now available directly from within the return filing workflow, making paying VAT and filing returns at the same time easier. (CR2205-0565)

Job Estimate Templates now support New From
New Job Estimate Templates can now be created from existing Job Estimate Templates using the New From option, making Job Estimate Template creation even faster. (CR2207-0887)

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New transaction column to calculate unit price for tracking and purchasing
A new column is now available in transactions to calculate the unit price that includes landed costs, deliveries and returns (called extended unit price). (CR2208-1085)

New Price Method column in Purchase transactions
A new Price Method column has been added to purchase transactions to help customers identify what the origin of the displayed price is, such as last cost or special price. (CR2205-0677)



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Fixes and Improvements

  • Changes have been made to the transaction history report for more consistency with the data presented in the report. (CR210946920)

  • User stamps can now be entered at the top or bottom of a field and will navigate to make data entry easier. (CR2205-0639)

  • Changing the location on a sales order when stock is allocated will now validate stock levels before allowing processing. (CR2206-0775)

  • Document Store Enquiry and Dialog screens have been made consistent in menu behaviour. (CR2206-0796)

  • The amount value updates as expected when a discount % is applied in Cashbook. (CR2207-0888, CR2209-1201)

  • Error messages no longer appear when entering tracking information on a sales transaction that uses sales template. (CR2207-0892)

  • Duplicate GL codes are now prevented when segments are not mandatory. (CR2207-0966)

  • Offsetting specific transaction values will no longer cause a divide by zero error. (CR2207-0968, CR2207-0969)

  • Reorder and maximum levels on product locations can be set with a decimal value. (CR2207-0979)

  • Adding a new price scale to a product and then immediately clicking "use range" no longer causes an error. (CR2208-1062)

  • Saving a stock transfer with serial numbers on a new database will no longer result in an error. (CR2209-1135)

  • Importing Notes will clear the NotesHTML as expected. (CR2209-1143)

  • The Case File Analytic now includes the Last Modified On column on the pivot drill-down. (CR2209-1179)

  • Outstanding order reports filtered for specific projects no longer show more orders than intended. (CR2209-1192)

  • Blank serial numbers can no longer be entered in a stocktake. (CR2209-1216)

  • Supplier price precision is applied as expected for supplier special prices. (CR2209-1232)

  • The Pay & Process Clearing Wizard no longer expands all groups. (CR2210-1268)

  • The quantity allocated will not be multiplied when assigned in sales picks with multiple manufacturing lines. (CR2210-1293)

  • Tracking, Alternate & Associated icons have been restored to column headers. (CR2210-1298)

  • Users with the appropriate security rights are now allowed to edit their email signature. (CR2210-1312)

  • Columns allow resizing when selecting alternate or associated products. (CR2210-1321)

  • Numerous other minor improvements have been included in this release: (CR2206-0711, CR2207-0921, CR2207-0922, CR2207-0961, CR2208-1064, CR2209-1159, CR2209-1164, CR2209-1178, CR2209-1244, CR2211-1391)

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