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Sybiz Visipay 16.10

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New Features


Sybiz Visipay now compatible with Papua New Guinea payroll operations
Sybiz Visipay now supports payroll for Papua New Guinea companies. The user interface and reports are customised to offer information relevant to PNG and tax is adjusted.


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Implementation of new legislation for Working Holiday Makers and Fringe Benefits Tax
Important changes have been made to accommodate new legislation regarding Working Holiday Makers and Fringe Benefits Tax reporting. A mandatory Income Type field has been added to employee records with a default setting of ‘Salary or Wages’. This can be changed to ‘Working Holiday Maker’ or ‘Pension or Annuity’ where applicable. Additional Fringe Benefits fields are available on the Balances tab in employee records to facilitate reporting for employers claiming a s57A exemption. The relevant changes have also been made to payment summaries and the payment summary annual report (PSAR, also known as empdupe). (CR161031625)


More gender options available
Expanded the number of gender options available to be inclusive of non-binary or non-gender conforming individuals according to SuperStream standards. (CR161031492)


New documentation explaining GL Link setup
Sybiz Visipay can be configured to link to Vision General Ledger for payroll journals. The documentation now explains which General Ledger accounts should be selected for this. (CR161131983)

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Fixes and Improvements

  • Preferred name is no longer required when editing details in ESS and Self Service. (CR161131868)

  • Users are prevented from clicking the leave request button multiple times, causing multiple requests to be created. (CR170132644)

  • Restarting Sybiz Visipay is no longer needed in certain cases where a newly created staff type could not be assigned to an employee (CR161131711)

  • Fixed a specific scenario where the employer super contribution would not be calculated if the salary sacrifice was at 100% (CR161232147)

  • The dashboard now includes leave liability for employees associated with a staff type that is set to 0 (zero) hours per working day (CR161131710)

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