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Sybiz Visipay 17.00

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New Features

Prepare for Single Touch Payroll
Single Touch Payroll is coming to Australia and upgrading to Sybiz Visipay 17.00 is an important first step to prepare. Single Touch Payroll compatibility will only be available in a coming update to Sybiz Visipay version 17.

Updated user interface
Sybiz Visipay has introduced a clean, updated visual style along with changes to user interface layout.

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Integrated document viewer
Users can now select one or many PDF payslips or payment summaries to preview, print or email from with Sybiz Visipay.

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Support for Microsoft Outlook 64 bit 
Sybiz Visipay now fully supports integration with Microsoft Outlook 64 bit. (CR121117376)

Look up superannuation funds by code
As with superannution fund names, once a Superannuation Product Information Number (SPIN), ABN or Unique Superannuation Identified (USI) has been entered into Sybiz Visipay it can be queried and assigned to employees as necessary. (CR141023619)

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Employee location data displays across more reports
A field has been added to more reports showing the location of employees when the relevant pay or leave transaction was proccessed. (CR140923242)

Defined superannuation categories to match SuperStream
Superannuation categories (employer contribution, employee contribution, salary sacrifice and capacity to influence) can now be nominated when processing contributions through SuperStream. (CR150926935)

Archived file access for leave approvers in ESS
Leave approvers in Employee Self Service (ESS) now have access to files attached to an archived leave request. (CR170132620)

Updated Tax File Number Declaration format
Changes mandated by the Australian Tax Office to the format of the TFN declaration are reflected in the Sybiz Visipay TFN declaration export. Employers of Working Holiday Makers can resume completing TFN declarations via Sybiz Visipay. (CR170533691)

Increased character limit of GL export account number
The GL export for external accounting packages now supports an account number of up to 100 characters instead of 25. (CR170734722)

Salary sacrifice information on payslips
The superannuation section on payslips now includes a field for any salary sacrifice. (CR161031427)

Greater control over bank transfer file printing
If multiple pay periods have been processed together, users can now nominate to either clear or reprint bank transfer files based on the individual date processed rather than grouped together. (CR170132378)

Leave management alerts for unallocated employees
If an employee is not already allocated a leave approval group, a notification will alert users of this when making a leave request. (CR161031468)

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Fixes and Improvements

  • Solved some issues in the pay history summary report. It now shows correct ages for all employees, includes sick leave in the earning quantity hours and shows correct salary sacrifice. (CR170333032, 170533997, 170534020)

  • The generic conversion – position tab now shows the correct columns. (CR170433633)

  • Solved issue where in rare occasions timesheets could duplicate costs in reports and export queries. (CR170533845)

  • Processing modified pay profiles in PNG databases no longer presents an error. (CR170834807)

  • Fringe benefits are now correctly grossed up if spread across more than one pay item. (CR170533927)

  • YTD fringe benefits are now calculated correctly in the yearly balance list report. (CR170634439)

  • Corrected extra tax label on pay summary detailed report. (CR170634372)

  • Pay summary complete report no longer shows duplicate tax totals. (CR170634379)

  • Performing an upgrade of Visipay no longer clears the external application table. (CR170734490)

  • The field for last year’s amount of section 57A fringe benefits is now editable. (CR170734548)

  • Corrected issue where a new company with certain processing dates would be created in the next financial year. (CR170734573)

  • Payslip now includes the option to add bank account description. (CR160830721)

  • Solved some issues in ESS. Approval officer was not always visible in new leave request and added instruction to request button. (CR160630151, 170132644)

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