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The impact of coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted industries across Australia, placing many businesses and their employees in financial hardship. To that end, the JobKeeper initiative launched by the Australian Federal Government in March 2020 is providing businesses that have suffered financial loss with a stimulus package to assist their employees.

JobKeeper has been reviewed and adapted to respond to the changing economic situation in Australia, with the government officially extending the program until 28 March 2021. Significant changes have been introduced to the program from 28 September, which will impact eligibility and payments.

Sybiz provides the following resources to help you understand the fast-changing reality of managing JobKeeper with Sybiz Visipay; whether you are continuing through the extension period, exiting JobKeeper or just getting started.

Read our FAQs to understand more about the many aspects of JobKeeper, JobKeeper Scenarios to see how you can manage JobKeeper set up and common processing situations, the latest JobKeeper news or watch our latest webinar answering questions from the Sybiz community.

Please note: All information should only be considered general in nature. Businesses and individuals should seek personalised advice about eligibility and suitability.

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Australians like Paul and Jane Mason, who saw the future of their retail operations in crisis with COVID restrictions, but were able to provide a lifeline to their employees with help from Sybiz.

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