Known Issues in Sybiz Visipay

Description: Reportable fringe benefits and 57A fringe benefits amounts not being populated correctly for Single Touch Payroll (STP) to the Sybiz Employer Portal and myGov. Payment Summaries & empdupe are not affected.

Affected versions: Sybiz Visipay 17.20 (start of STP) to 18.11 (Resolved in 18.12 and above)

Case Number: CR190641220

Prior to submitting the Employment Income Statement (Final Event Indicator) process for all staff, follow this simple process to fix FBT data for STP:
1. Go to Utilities and Export... Employee Data
2. Click Next twice
3. Nominate a file name and check the box to Open the destination file when the export is complete
4. Click Next
5. Select only the Employee Number, Total Reportable Fringe Benefit and Total Reportable Fringe Benefit57A columns
6. Click Next
7. In Excel swap the column headers for the second and third columns
8. Save the file
9. Back in Sybiz Visipay go to Utilities and Import... Employee Data (you may need to first click Finish on the Export wizard)
10. Select the file you saved at step 8 and click Next, Next and Finish
11. Do the Employment Income Statement process
12. Repeat the export/import process to Step 10 to restore values to the correct boxes in Sybiz Visipay
If the Employment Income Statement process has already been conducted it can be re-submitted.

Resolution: Resolved in Sybiz Visipay versions 18.12 and above.

If you require more information regarding this error please contact your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner or Sybiz

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