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A positive transition into STP for Sybiz

A positive transition into STP for Sybiz After years of discussion, planning and development, we’ve come to the end of the first 10 days of the Single Touch Payroll era.

Launching a major software update and integration with third party technology is a tense time for any software developer, often presenting their own unique teething problems. However, we are very pleased to report a very smooth launch of our STP solution.

As we approached this new era of payroll reporting in Australia, Sybiz has remained focused on providing our customers and partners clear information to help prepare and transition to Single Touch Payroll. Our aim was to make the transition to STP so seamless that no one would believe it took thousands of hours to make it so.

While there still remains uncertainty and misinformation among the wider business community in Australia, we will continue to positively engage with our customers in order to realise this vision by providing clear, direct and effective STP management tools.

We’re grateful for the questions, comments and feedback we’ve received from the Sybiz community, as it has allowed us to put together comprehensive resources to help our customers understand STP, manage your STP obligations in Sybiz Visipay and submit reports through the Sybiz Employer Portal.

SuperChoice, who previously developed the SybizSuper gateway, have once again created a user-friendly portal that we are proud to offer Sybiz Visipay users.

The approach Sybiz and SuperChoice have taken in delivering this STP solution has avoided some of the challenges that have caused issues for other software packages, such as:

 - Waiting for the ATO to provide the first response in the chain leading to uncertainty when bottlenecks arise
 - Requiring every customer to associate their own Auskey with the ATO leading to numerous challenges
 - Requiring the STP mechanism to be set up prior to processing pays meant employers didn't report their first pay for 2018/19
 - Using internal IDs for employee numbers, making corrections a lot harder
 - Sending optional information such as employee mobile numbers and email addresses – more data means more opportunities for things to go wrong
 - No employer portal to provide visibility
 - Simplistic validation responses; to paraphrase ‘all good’ or ‘something’s wrong, good luck’

As we’ve all moved from the theoretical world of Single Touch Payroll into the practical, we’re continuing to understand and refine the STP process. We’ll be restructuring our FAQs page in the near future to reflect the transition from STP preparation to everyday management. And we’ll be communicating some of the nuances of STP management we have discovered during these first 10 days.

If you are still unsure about your Single Touch Payroll obligations, we recommend you check out the STP resources available on our website. You can also contact Sybiz BusinessCare for further queries.

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