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ATO chasing STP non-compliance

ATO chasing STP non-compliance Substantial employers - those with 20 or more employees - were required to begin submitting Single Touch Payroll reports as of 1 July 2018, unless they or their payroll software provider had been granted a deferral or exemption.

The ATO has identified employers who have not yet begun reporting through Single Touch Payroll and are not covered by a deferral. These employers will soon be contacted by the ATO advising them of their STP obligations.

Not all STP solutions are created equal and we are delighted that thousands upon thousands of STP submissions have been successfully sent via Sybiz Visipay at a 99.8% success rate. Combined with the Sybiz Employer Portal our solution avoids the horror stories that some others have experienced.

If you have not been granted a deferral, your deferral is coming to an end or you do not have an STP ready payroll solution, the ATO is encouraging businesses to contact their payroll software provider to find out about STP compliance.

Sybiz has prepared a comprehensive information package for employers not yet submitting STP reports. This package includes a preparation checklist, FAQs, videos and instructions how to submit STP reports through Sybiz Visipay.

You can start preparing your business for Single Touch Payroll right now by reviewing our STP information or by contacting us to find out how easy STP reporting is with Sybiz Visipay.

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