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Celebrating our Business Partners’ achievements

Celebrating our Business Partners’ achievements Our Business Partners converged in Adelaide last week once again for our Sybiz Conference.

These conferences, a long-standing tradition for Sybiz, are a critical time of year for your Business Partner to receive face-to-face guidance and information sharing, while also generating discussion about ways our software solutions can provide even greater value to your business.

Our theme for this year’s conference was “Focus on the Future,” as we revealed more about how our ERP and HRM solutions fit into your business today; and how they will adapt to the massive changes coming in the future.

Every year we award the Judith Leefson Customer Service Shield to the Business Partner who provided exemplary service and care to our customers. This year we did so sombrely as our good friend and colleague Judith passed away late 2018 after a long battle with illness. A 33-year alum of Sybiz Software, Judy was well-known and beloved among our staff and Business Partners.

The Judith Leefson Shield is awarded in honour of the loyalty, dedication and fairness that Judy embodied. Ashcom Business Systems were the well-deserved recipients of the Judith Leefson Customer Service Shield for 2018.

As Sybiz’s growth continues, Ashcom Business Systems were also awarded our 1st place award for new sales in 2018.

We also congratulate our 2nd and 3rd place New Sales winners – Visionaries and Evolution Bites, respectively - for their fantastic efforts over the past year.

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