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Sybiz Vision Classic development has ended

Sybiz Vision Classic development has ended With the release of the new Sybiz Vision in 2013, we helped thousands of existing and new users to discover new possibilities with a modern ERP solution.

At Sybiz, we understand digital transformation can be a complicated process depending on each business’s needs. But as the evolution of technology has left older solutions like Sybiz Vision Classic behind, we have increasingly focused our attention on how our latest ERP solution can vastly improve the possibilities for your business and others’.

In 2018, Sybiz initiated a process of deprecation for significantly older versions of Sybiz Vision Classic. In coming years this will encompass all versions of Sybiz Vision Classic.

However, in the meantime we have reached another important milestone in this process: the end of development for Sybiz Vision Classic from 1 January 2021.

While Sybiz Vision Classic has only represented a small fraction of our development efforts for some years now - with most users only retaining the software for historical purposes - we will no longer provide development resources towards any widespread issues, incompatibilities or maintain legislative compliance within our Classic software.

We have developed this policy to have a minimal impact on our existing Classic user base and will continue supporting customers and Business Partners in ensuring everyone is able to embrace the capabilities of the new Sybiz Vision ERP solution.

If you have any questions about Sybiz Vision Classic or our obsolescence process, you can check out our Classic End of Life information page or contact our BusinessCare team.

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