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Improving our Employer Portal with more reporting and security

Improving our Employer Portal with more reporting and security During the first two months of STP reporting our Sybiz Visipay customers enjoyed a 99.8% success rate with submissions - most likely the best in the market.

The Sybiz Employer Portal, our secure online portal connecting Sybiz customers to their Single Touch Payroll reporting, includes an independent validation check and detailed validation reports to help customer identify and fix submission errors intuitively.

Since launching the Sybiz Employer Portal, we’ve also integrated our SuperStream reporting tools into the one portal, marking a huge step up from the previous SybizSuper portal. Now Sybiz Visipay users can access their STP and SuperStream reporting tools with a single online portal providing greater control over their submissions.

From 14 September, all users also saw improved security for the Sybiz Employer Portal with multi-factor authentication on log-in. Multi-factor authentication is becoming an industry standard for protecting sensitive data, strengthening security with a second layer of user authentication that fits easily in to your current workflow.

If you have previously been using our SybizSuper portal or want to get more out of your Sybiz Employer Portal, contact the Sybiz BusinessCare team.

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