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Microsoft announces changes to deprecation of Basic Authentication

Microsoft announces changes to deprecation of Basic Authentication Early last year, Microsoft announced it would be disabling Basic Authentication for some Exchange Online protocols which may have affected some users of Sybiz solutions. However, it was revealed later in 2020, that this was going to be delayed until the second half of 2021 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Microsoft have recently announced further changes to their plans, advising that although they are still planning to disable basic authentication entirely, at this stage only affected protocols that are not currently being used will be disabled. In addition to this, some extra protocols have been added to the deprecation list. This process is still set to begin during the second half of 2021 in a few months’ time.

Thankfully, for users of Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay, updates were made to our software in October 2020 to accommodate these changes. If you are using Office 365 as your email type in versions older than Sybiz Vision 20.11 or Sybiz Visipay 20.10, we still recommend contacting your Authorised Business Partner to discuss upgrading to the latest versions.

Microsoft have clarified that when they do resume their plans fully, users will be given a minimum of 12 months’ notice.

If you are unsure which email protocol you are using for your Sybiz solutions, you can check this simply by following these instructions. For further information, please speak to your Sybiz Business Partner.

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