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Preparing your organisation for the NDIS

Preparing your organisation for the NDIS The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is an opportunity for people living with disabilities to connect with providers and make more informed choices, while allowing providers more access to equipment and services helping their clients lead fuller lives.

In July another significant stage of the NDIS commences as services expand into key metropolitan areas and more beneficiaries become eligible. The Australian Government has also proposed a fully funded NDIS in the latest budget, meaning it’s a promising time for service providers to explore how they can grow with the NDIS.

But is your business software hindering your ability to take advantage?

Aligning your business software with your organisation’s goals is important to ensure you are prepared to embrace opportunities and manage your business effectively at scale.

Does your software work for your clients?

Are you often switching between different software applications to perform a single task? Do you have trouble keeping track of where information is stored? Difficulty maintaining a workflow for everyday tasks can be a sign that your business is too reliant on third party add-ons or disconnected systems.

A lack of integration between systems is detrimental to productivity. Information is easily misplaced, time is wasted on double entry between systems, and staff must contend with vastly different software processes. All of this means client needs aren’t being addressed as effectively as possible.

When client data, documentation and whole-of-business operations are all managed by the same software solution, users can gain a 360-degree view of clients and tasks then pivot instantly to inventory, organisation financials and accounts. Clients can receive vital care and improved resources even faster.

Is it really saving you time?

The NDIS is designed to help providers expand their capacity and services to clients. But it can be difficult to access and implement new services when you’re spending hours every week on inefficient administration tasks.

While automation and workflow processes tailored for your organisation can speed up common processes, working alongside software vendors and product gurus can help leverage the deeper capability of a solution to streamline how organisations acheive their goals.

With the freedom to explore new opportunities for your organisation, the next step is positioning for this growth. It is critical to understand how you will manage growth through detailed analysis of your current data combined intelligent forecasting.

Struggling to make sense of data?

Are key decision makers and stakeholders often left waiting for reports? We all know how fast circumstances can change. A lot can happen between a report being generated, printed and delivered, then finally read, analysed or presented.

Static reports are becoming outdated for many organisations who understand the benefits of ERP solutions. Dynamic reporting, drill-down analytics and Business Intelligence dashboards can all give investors, managers and stakeholders the freedom to call up data when and how they need it, to understand the state of a business right now.

When no longer limited to static reporting, stakeholders can access and analyse at any time to make more informed decisions. The flexibility of dynamic reporting - like drag and drop capability allowing users to add or remove data instantly - stakeholders can gradually reshape their understand of data, to provide a broader context to information or drill down for fine grain analysis.

Plan for everyone

The NDIS is opening up new opportunities for providers and people living with disabilities. Providers have to be flexible enough to embrace those opportunities and make the most of the benefits to their organisation and beneficiaries. If you’re ready to make the change to a powerful ERP solution that can help you grow with the NDIS, contact Sybiz.

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