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Single Touch Payroll continues to evolve

Single Touch Payroll continues to evolve Sybiz Visipay and the Sybiz Employer Portal are continuing to grow and change along with Single Touch Payroll. Sybiz Visipay version 18.11 was released to address a recent validation rule update from the ATO which affected a small number of users.

If you have not already upgraded to Sybiz Visipay version 18.11, we recommend speaking with your Authorised Business Partner.

Are your employees seeing double?

One of the quirkier aspects of the Single Touch Payroll design is that the employee number is one of the pieces of data the ATO uses to uniquely identify an employee.

If during the course of the year you have changed employee numbers in Sybiz Visipay this could result in a doubling-up of data being sent to the ATO.

Although Sybiz Visipay warns against changing employee numbers when you're reporting via STP, it is not prevented as sometimes it is necessary to change employee numbers or for one person to have two employee records.

Employees will be able to see if there is a doubling of data in their MyGov account. If they are not checking their MyGov information on a regular basis they won’t be able to alert you of any duplication until it's too late - tax time!

Even if you haven't changed employee numbers during the year, now may be a good time to encourage your employees to check their information on MyGov in the ATO section under ‘View My Income Statements.’

If someone is seeing double and you haven't changed employee numbers there are a couple of other possible causes. If you're one of the many new Sybiz Visipay customers we've welcomed recently then it may be data from your old system that hasn't been zeroed out (only an issue if you brought year to date data into Sybiz Visipay). Another potential cause is a database being lost without a backup; requiring a new database to be created. Your Business Partner will be able to assist in these instances.

Looking for more?

With almost any Sybiz STP question, you can always head to your usual search engine and enter Sybiz STP followed by your query.

Our website has plenty of resources to help you with managing your STP obligations throughout the year. As we approach the End of Financial Year, many employers will have questions around Final Event Indicators, Fringe Benefits or – if you are a smaller employer – how you can start reporting with Single Touch Payroll.

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