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Sybiz Vision 17.10 is now available

Sybiz Vision 17.10 is now available Sybiz Vision version 17.10 is available right now. This latest update brings exciting additions to Sybiz Vision's Service functionality.

Included in this release is a range of automated tools for scheduled servicing, recurring billing or both - powered by Service Meters a range of combinations can be configured to trigger service requests and/or invoices based on elapsed time or utilisation. Service Models have also been expanded to become a comprehensive container for common attributes among groups of service items. Service Request and Service Action templates help save even more time.

You can see the full list of features and enhancements in Sybiz Vision 17.10 on the What’s New page.

Sybiz recommends consulting your Authorised Business Partner before initiating any upgrades to your financial or payroll solution. If you are currently using version 16.22 or below, you must ensure you're utilising Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later prior to upgrading.

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