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Sybiz legacy product support is ending

Sybiz legacy product support is ending Sybiz Vision has made leaps and bounds since its unveiling in 2013, with accessibility, speed and functionality now far surpassing that of our legacy products. In the nearly 9 years since the new Sybiz Vision’s release, the majority of our customers have enthusiastically made the move from our Classic solutions.

And with the fast-paced evolution of technology leaving our significantly older legacy solutions like Sybiz Vision Classic behind, we’ve reached yet another landmark in the deprecation process; the end of support for Sybiz Vision Classic from 1 January 2022.

As Sybiz Vision Classic users now only represent a very small portion of our users worldwide, Sybiz will be putting all support resources towards our new product lines - although Authorised Business Partners may still provide support for remaining legacy product users.

Development for Sybiz Vision Classic ceased in December 2020, and with our attention completely focused on the new Sybiz Vision during 2021, we have been able to provide even more exciting advances in functionality for our users, such as a suite of mobile applications and automated cashbook processing.

Although changes in technology can sometimes be a lengthy process for businesses to manage, many of our customers have told us that the benefits of upgrading have far outweighed the time spent. Sybiz remains committed to assisting Classic users with the upgrade process, alongside our Business Partners, before legacy products reach end of life.

If you have any questions about Sybiz Vision Classic or our obsolescence process, see our Classic End of Life information page or contact our BusinessCare team.

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