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Sybiz solutions moving forward with technology

Sybiz solutions moving forward with technology Sybiz are pleased to announce that Sybiz Vision and Visipay version 22 are scheduled to be released to customers in November 2021.
With these new releases and exciting functionality enhancements comes a major upgrade to the Microsoft .NET Framework, the foundation used to create and run Sybiz applications on Windows operating systems.
This upgrade will improve hardware performance and accessibility for our users, such as optimised resolution and font size capabilities for different screen sizes.
As part of these important infrastructure improvements, some older operating systems will no longer be supported, including Microsoft Windows Server 2008 SP2, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 8.0. This particular update will not affect Microsoft SQL Server but may impact servers running Web API or Sybiz Visipay Employee Self Service (ESS).
If you are still using one of these operating systems, please speak to your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner before upgrading to Sybiz 22.
And, although still a while away, we’re already making plans for Sybiz version 23, due to be released in late 2022. As part of this release our minimum supported versions of Microsoft SQL Server will move from 2012 to 2017.
As well as important updates to security patches and other back-end technology advancements, infrastructure and software upgrades such as these help Sybiz develop new and responsive solutions, such as our growing suite of mobile applications, to support our customers need to keep up with the changing world around us.
We recommend that anyone upgrading their operating systems in advance of Sybiz version 22 or 23, upgrades to the latest version available at the time, rather than to the minimum supported version, for not only greater longevity but also better performance capabilities.
Properly securing the solutions that drive your operational performance every day should be a primary consideration for every business. If unsure, consult with your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner to determine if your solution may be impacted by these upcoming changes and help reduce any potential disruption.

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