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We're ready for GDPR

We Sybiz has updated our website Terms of Service to bring further clarification around third party services and the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations.

We have previously alerted customers to the GDPR and how businesses should prepare for this wide-reaching policy but it is also important customers and other visitors are aware how this impacts the Sybiz website. Sybiz has always placed a strong focus on protecting your data and when developing solutions for your business, therefore we would like to make sure you are well informed of how and where your data is being utilised.

In order to collect any personally identifying data, the GDPR requires EU citizens to opt in to any data collection practices which may be used to identify them, and also agree to the collection and or use of any personally identifying data.

It is important to note that this applies to EU citizens whether or not they are currently residing within the EU. Visitors will see a few small changes to their browsing experience.

Most notable is the addition of our privacy policy on our contact form.

In accordance with the EU’s GDPR, visitors must now agree to the collection and use of their personally identifying data (i.e. name, phone number and any personal information provided in a message) when submitting a query through the contact form. This use may also include the handing over of data to a Sybiz Authorised Business Partner in some circumstances.

Furthermore, our Terms of Service now provide more clarification about the collection and analysing of visitor data for the purpose of improving our website and software solutions.

We recommend you read section 10 of the Sybiz Terms of Service, relating to our website, to learn the full details.

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