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What will happen after AUSkeys are retired?

What will happen after AUSkeys are retired? AUSkey was designed as a secure log in to identify you when using government online services on behalf of a business. With more accessible and secure alternatives becoming available, the AUSkey system has been deemed no longer able to meet the needs of Australian businesses.

Unlike some other software providers, Sybiz did not choose to utilise AUSkey as part of our STP bridging solution because of the inherent limitations and complications of the AUSkey system.

This was a conscious decision aimed at reducing friction for our users when performing a regular and essential part of their payroll processing, allowing you to stay focused on other critical tasks.

It is one of the many ways Sybiz’s STP solution works to keep you on track – for example, did you know if the ATO server is unavailable for any reason the Sybiz Employer Portal will automatically and continuously attempt to upload STP data until it is successful?

Where Sybiz users may see an impact from AUSkey’s decommissioning is when interacting with the ATO Business Portal. An AUSkey is currently required to access the ATO Business Portal to upload Taxable Payments Annual Reports (TPAR) and Business Activity Statements (BAS).

As an alternative, you can currently use a MyGov login (after connecting your ABN to your MyGov) to interact with the ATO Business Portal.

The ATO intends to utilise upcoming and existing systems to replace the different functions of AUSkey. AUSkey will be decommissioned as of March 2020.

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