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Are you aware of your SuperStream obligations?

Are you aware of your SuperStream obligations? From Friday 1 July 2016, all businesses must make their superannuation contributions electronically according to the Australian Tax Office's SuperStream regulations.

Businesses who do not meet these requirements when making super contributions after this date will be subject to penalties from the ATO.

If you have not collected your employee SPIN numbers and personal details, doing so immediately will reduce the impact of any delays that could end up costing your business.

Making SuperStream compliant payments now can also help you familiarise yourself with the process and avoid any mistakes when penalties apply.

Sybiz BusinessCare have been contacting customers to inform them of their choices before the deadline.

If you have not heard from our team, or are still not using a compliant solution, contact Sybiz today to find out more about how our SybizSuper program help you make SuperStream compliant contributions.

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