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Important information about upgrading to Version 17.00

Important information about upgrading to Version 17.00 We recently announced in our Sybiz Customer Newsletter that Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay version 17.00, along with all future releases of our software, will be made available via web update only.

We have changed how we distribute our software many times over the past 40 years as technology has evolved - going digital download is the next step.

This is the same approach used for minor releases throughout the year and download sizes will be similar to minor releases.

We’re excited by the possibilities this affords our customers, who can now begin taking advantage the latest functionality and improvements the moment they are released. It will be even easier for all Sybiz users to keep up with rapidly evolving technology, making businesses more agile and more productive.

Due to a number of technical and legislative changes, Version 17 of our ERP and HRM solutions will be especially critical. It is important you read all the information below to see if you will be affected by these upcoming changes. As always, you must involve the expertise of your Sybiz Business Partner prior to upgrading to ensure any customisations and add-ons are ready for action.

We have regularly communicated these reasons throughout 2016 and 2017 and will continue to do so in the lead up to the relevant deadlines.

Microsoft Windows XP & Microsoft Windows Server 2003 end of support

Microsoft officially ended security and technical support for Windows XP in 2014 and Windows Server 2003 in 2015. As cyberattacks aimed at businesses of all sizes have become more prevalent and more dangerous - with older operating systems particularly vulnerable - we no longer consider Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 safe operating systems for our business management solutions.

Therefore, Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay version 17 and onwards will not be compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 or older operating systems.

While only a minority of users will be affected by this, it is an important step in securing your business against malicious acts.

Microsoft SQL server 2008/2008 R2 compatibility

Microsoft SQL Server is a critical part of what makes Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay such powerful and versatile business management solutions. And in version 17.00, we are utilising the power of Microsoft SQL Server even more to improve the speed and stability of our solutions.

Due to these performance upgrades, Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay version 17 will require, at minimum, Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

This means all customers using Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 will need to upgrade to at least Microsoft SQL Server 2012 prior to upgrading to Sybiz Vision and Visipay version 17.
However, we recommend all customers upgrade to SQL Server 2016 for the greatest performance.

Single Touch Payroll (Australia only)

1 April 2018 will be a critical date for all Australian businesses to determine when they must be Single Touch Payroll compliant. Single Touch Payroll is a major reform of payroll reporting standards in Australia and will be mandatory for all Australian businesses.

The necessary functionality will only be available in future updates to Sybiz Visipay version 17.

If your business meets the requirements for the initial rollout of Single Touch Payroll, you will need to be upgraded to Sybiz Visipay version 17 to receive the necessary updates as they become available. There will be some preparation required including data cleansing and formal categorisation of some data in advance of the 1 July 2018 start date.

TFN declarations (Australia only)

The Australian Government's changes to payment summaries was part of a series of changes to payroll reporting in the 2016/2017 financial year. Included was an update to the format of Tax File Number declarations, which will be reflected in Sybiz Vision version 17.00.

While the previous format is still being accepted, it is unclear when the ATO will enforce the change of format. Therefore, we urge customers to be ready for this change by upgrading to version 17.00 well in advance.

If you have employed Working Holiday Makers, you may have been required to manually complete the updated TFN forms in the interim. Version 17.00 will allow you to complete these documents as before.

TPAR changes (Australia only)

Changes to the Taxable Payments Annual Report format will also come into effect from 1 July 2018.
Typically required for those in the building and construction industry, the Australian Tax Office has seen fit to expand Taxable Payment Annual Reporting to include contractors in other industries, namely cleaning and courier services. All industries required to submit a TPAR will have to use the updated report format.

The necessary functionality will only be available in future updates to Sybiz Vision version 17.

If you are using Sybiz Vision Classic - version 12.90 or earlier - and are required to lodge a TPAR, you must upgrade to Sybiz Vision version 17 before 30 June 2018.

Stay up to date

Sybiz will also be providing further information about version 17 and upcoming issues which may affect your business in our newsletter, on social media, in our 2017 General Release webinar and in a dedicated Single Touch Payroll webinar, scheduled for early 2018.

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