STP Video User Guide

Learn how to get started with Single Touch Payroll (STP) in Sybiz Visipay with our step-by-step video user guide. Alternatively, you can download the PDF version


Signing up for the Sybiz Employer Portal

Registering for the Sybiz Employer Portal is a necessary step for reporting Single Touch Payroll from Sybiz Visipay.


Activating Single Touch Payroll in Sybiz Visipay

Activating STP displays additional warnings when more data is required, while allowing you to switch between Payment Summary and STP reporting as needed.


Making Single Touch Payroll submissions

Sybiz Visipay gives clear, intuitive control over STP submissions with added ability to drill down into submissions for data validation.


Final Event Indicators for STP

Finalising employees is the last step in STP reporting for the financial year. Each employee you have paid during the current financial year must be finalised with a Final Event Indicator.


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