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The Sybiz Employer Portal is currently experiencing high volumes due to an influx of SG quarter 3 submissions. If you have trouble accessing the portal, please wait, refresh and try again in a few minutes. Submissions may also take longer than expected. If you have any concerns, please contact our team.

The topic links below will help you find answers to frequently asked questions regarding SybizSuper and managing SuperStream through Sybiz Visipay and the Sybiz Employer Portal.

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These FAQs are updated regularly so be sure to return whenever a question arises. Alternatively, you can use your favourite search engine to look for answers, just preface your search with: Visipay SuperStream.

What is SybizSuper

Using the Sybiz Employer Portal


What is SybizSuper

1. What is SybizSuper?

SybizSuper is the name of Sybiz’s SuperStream compliance service, allowing Sybiz users to transmit employees’ superannuation data to their existing super funds through a secure, automated online portal.

2. How does the Sybiz Employer Portal work for superannuation contributions?

Utilising Sybiz Visipay and the Sybiz Employer Portal, members of SybizSuper can export their employees’ superannuation data from their payroll solution and upload it to the Portal. In a future version of Sybiz Visipay, a ‘one-touch’ transfer solution (like with Single Touch Payroll) may be introduced.

3. How do I export a SuperStream file from Sybiz Visipay?

To export a SuperStream file from Sybiz Visipay, click on the Utilities menu and click SybizSuper Export on the ribbon bar, then select file version 3. This will save a .SAFF file to your computer.

4. How do I upload a SuperStream file to the Sybiz Employer Portal?

Once you have logged onto the Sybiz Employer Portal, choose ‘Upload a new file,’ found under the ‘Contributions’ menu. You will be able to upload your contributions by clicking ‘Select file to upload’ button, then navigate to where you saved the .SAFF file exported from Sybiz Visipay.

5. What are the benefits of the Sybiz Employer Portal?
  • A one-third reduction in service fees (compared to the old SybizSuper portal).
  • Uniquely tied to your Sybiz Visipay solution; enter data in your payroll solution and it flows through to the Sybiz Employer Portal.
  • Access additional functionality designed to help users streamline submissions, secure employee data and keep up with ATO requirements.

Using the Sybiz Employer Portal

1. Where can I check the status of my submission?

You can view your submission history by clicking on ‘Contribution Submission History’ under the 'Contributions' section of the Sybiz Employer Portal dashboard. Applying filters will allow users to search for specific submissions.

2. How do I check on the status of a contribution batch?

You can check status of payments by going to your dashboard on the Sybiz Employer Portal and clicking on ‘Payments’ under the 'Contributions' section. Here you can use the filter options to find batches, check on the payment status and also click on ‘Actions’ for a breakdown of that payment.

3. My submission batch has received errors. How do I resolve it?

You can correct any batch errors from within the Sybiz Employer Portal and re-attempt submission. You should also make any changes to your Sybiz Visipay data to ensure you do not receive the same error in the next period.

4. What does a ‘feedback message’ mean?

This is used by super funds to provide information regarding a specific member or specific contribution. You will need to contact the fund directly for clarification on what each message means.

5. I have received notification of a refund. How do I resubmit the payment?

You can use the ‘Create an Ad Hoc Contribution’ option from the dashboard to make one off payments.

6. How do I submit an Ad Hoc contribution?

From your Sybiz Employer Portal dashboard, click ‘Create an Ad Hoc Contribution.’ Here you can manually set the date range by clicking the ‘Use Specific Dates’ check box, then select the member/s or manually input the member information. Once the member details have been added you can input the contribution amount and click submit.

7. Can I use version 1 or version 2 of the super export file in the Sybiz Employer Portal?

No. When processing your superannuation contributions through the Sybiz Employer Portal you will need to use file version 3. This should be automatically selected.

8. Is there a user guide for SybizSuper in the Sybiz Employer Portal?

Yes we have a user guide available for download.

9. I am using the Sybiz Employer Portal for Single Touch Payroll. Can I also use it for SuperStream?

Yes. The Sybiz Employer Portal is designed for uploading and submitting STP and SuperStream contributions.

If you are using the Sybiz Employer Portal for Single Touch Payroll, you can complete and send the SybizSuper Product Disclosure Statement to our BusinessCare staff to begin using SuperStream functionality.

10. Can I still use the SybizSuper export functionality in Sybiz Visipay if I am not a SybizSuper member?

Sybiz has decided to phase out the previous SybizSuper portal and the export functionality from Sybiz Visipay in favour of a more secure, streamlined process. The export functionality will still be available for SybizSuper members using the Sybiz Employer Portal until we have completed implementing the automated upload functionality.

11. How do I view submission information after the old SybizSuper Portal has been decomissioned?

Previously submitted information will not be carried over to the Sybiz Employer Portal, however all relevant superannuation contribution data can be viewed from your Sybiz Visipay solution.

12. How do I overcome a validation error because of a dummy tax file number I've used for a new employee?

You can click through to the submission and remove the TFN, this will allow you to submit. Once the employee receives their TFN you can update Sybiz Visipay accordingly.

15. I'm getting an error when trying to pay contributions to a Self Managed Super Fund, what could be the problem?

It is possible the SMSF has had a lapse in compliance and has had its status changed by the ATO. Search for the SMSF's ABN using the Super Fund Lookup service for more information. In most cases this will be an issue for the SMSF trustees and members to resolve and members may need to temporarily re-direct contributions to a compliant fund.

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