What is ERP?

Business success is increasingly dependent on faster customer service and data-driven analysis. If your critical information and functions are spread out across multiple databases and software applications, your business capability suffers.

Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP systems, are business management applications designed to integrate and streamline core business functions including

  • accounting

  • supply chain management

  • manufacturing

  • sales and purchasing

  • customer relationship

  • human resources

ERP system combines all of these core functions in one application, enabling real-time communication, control, automation, data analysis and informed decision making. Hosted on premises or in the cloud, ERP solutions vastly improve how an organisation operates by

  • automating common processes

  • improving business communication

  • providing detailed forecasting and data analysis

  • expanding business agility through cloud and mobile connectivity

  • securing and protecting critical data

Of course, no two organisations are exactly alike and this is why ERP systems are so vital for modern businesses.

Generic, off-the-shelf software are designed for a ‘one size fits all’ approach to business management. However, ERP systems are tailored to help you navigate the unique challenges of your industry and business to reach your full potential.
At Sybiz, we believe in developing the right ERP solution for each business. Your journey starts with a free consultation where we discuss your business requirements and what you want to achieve. We then tailor a demonstration to show you how you can intuitively manage your business with Sybiz Vision. To give your business an even greater competitive edge, Sybiz Vision seamlessly integrates with our payroll and CRM (What is CRM?) solutions.
Contact our representatives to find out how Sybiz can develop the right solution for your business.


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