Microsoft compatibility with Sybiz solutions

Description: Sybiz products utilise evolving Microsoft technologies which interact with Microsoft products including operating systems, database engines and productivity.

Microsoft software, such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Office are subject to support lifecycles, restricting the length of time that various product versions are supported.

As a result of product versions reaching their end of support it is possible that the integrations and interactions between Sybiz products and obsolete Microsoft products may cease to function.

Affected versions: All versions of Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay

Workaround: N/A

Resolution: Sybiz strongly recommends that businesses utilise Microsoft products that are within their support lifecycle. Additionally, on rare occasions Sybiz may issue a new version that is incompatible with a Microsoft product that is near the end of its lifecycle. In such cases Sybiz will provide at least 12 months’ notice and businesses have the option to defer their Sybiz upgrade or bring forward a Microsoft upgrade accordingly.
The support timeframes for Microsoft products can be viewed here or via a search engine:

If you require more information, please contact your Sybiz Authorised Business Partner or Sybiz.

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