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Sybiz Visipay 18.00

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Single Touch Payroll performance improvements
Enhanced performance for STP submissions particularly around peak periods.

Include names when emailing from Sybiz Visipay
The recipient’s first (or preferred name) and last name are now included in the email address when emailing from Sybiz Visipay, making it easier to identify at a glance who you are emailing. (CR171236011)

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A new era of skins
The new range of skins are replacing all previous layouts available, providing greater accessibility and support for larger screen resolutions and font sizes with many colour options for personalisation. We have, where possible, mapped the skin currently being used and replaced it with the best matching new skin on upgrade, including where multiple skins are being used across different company databases.

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Sybiz Employer Portal two-factor authentication
The Sybiz Employer Portal has been enhanced to include multi-factor authentication. Users will get a code emailed to them each time they login from a different device, increasing security.

New online Help Files
Sybiz Visipay Help is now available online, reducing the size of software updates. Help content is now updated more frequently, allows you to continue working in the application and remembers its size and position. The Help icon has moved (highlighted below), but it can still be accessed by pressing the F1 key. (CR160630113)

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Additional characters in company address lines
The company address lines 1 and 2 have now been extended to accept more than 38 characters per line. (CR180738063)



Single Touch Payroll Compliance

Single Touch Payroll (STP) arrived in Australia in July 2018 and compatibility is only available in Sybiz Visipay from version 17.20. Sybiz Visipay, combined with the Sybiz Employer Portal, enables you to complete your STP reporting and ensure it is verified with the ATO. We’re happy to report a 99.8% success rate to date of Single Touch Payroll submissions from Sybiz Visipay.

Single Touch Payroll has been mandatory for businesses with 20 or more employees since 1 July 2018, and smaller employers are also able to opt into STP early but it is not mandatory for them until 1 July 2019, assuming relevant legislation is in place.

For more information regarding Single Touch Payroll, including Frequently Asked Questions and information on the Sybiz Employer Portal, please visit our dedicated STP page.  

Making Single Touch Payroll active
Enabling Single Touch Payroll reporting within Sybiz Visipay is relatively easy. The relevant settings are accessible by going to File > Options > Tax Details, and select Active under Single Touch Payroll (as shown below).  Enabling STP in Sybiz Visipay allows you to identify that you want to use Single Touch Payroll. If you need to perform payment summary reporting you can temporarily disable STP by unchecking the box.

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Employee address errors
Employee addresses are required to be complete and correct for Single Touch Payroll purposes.

A few rules have been added, such as: Address Line 1 must be present; Address Line 2 is optional if Address Line 1 is used; Postcodes must be entered; Where 'Other' state has been chosen, the relevant country needs to be selected from the drop down menu.

It is recommended to review employee on-boarding processes to ensure the collection of address details is formalised.

Errors will appear on employee records where necessary Single Touch Payroll data is missing.

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Categorisation of Allowances
An additional field called ‘Category’ has been made available for Allowance pay items. By default, all Allowances are set to the value ‘Other’ and you will need to recategorise as appropriate into one of the 5 specific options; or leave as ‘Other’ in the event that a specific option does not apply. Sybiz Visipay utilises the description field for 'Other' categorised Allowances which can be customised.

Each employee is limited to 20 'Other' allowance categories in any one financial year.

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Warnings on Employee Number
The employee numbers allocated against an employee record in Sybiz Visipay are now recorded by the ATO. The ATO will use these numbers as another form of unique identification against individuals. 

Warnings will now appear on employee records when you attempt to change the employee number after you have made an STP submission for those employees (refer to Zero Update Event below).

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Sybiz Employer Portal
A link to the Sybiz Employer Portal is available in the software via the application menu. The Sybiz Employer Portal is required for STP reporting through Sybiz Visipay and is used to verify your STP submission with the ATO. 

Sybiz Employer Portal


STP Transfer
Under the Utilities menu, the 'ATO Transfer' button is used to initiate the STP reporting process and now shows the event type options for Single Touch Payroll reporting. Employees can be included or excluded from reporting by selecting or unselecting the checkboxes. The Single Touch Payroll Declaration needs to be checked on every submission. For security reasons your Sybiz Employer Portal Credentials are not saved in the database and these will need to be entered each time.

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Superannuation Alternate File Format (SAFF) export module
Sybiz Visipay now includes an export option for use with alternative SuperStream portals.

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Fixes and Improvements

  • The function lock on Tax Transfer now clears in the same way as other function locks. (CR180738342)

  • Payment summaries have been updated to reflect the latest published standards and correctly print a large number of allowances. (CR180638041)

  • The branch number in the Tax Details tab is now compatible with both Empdupe and Single Touch Payroll submissions. (CR180738053)

  • ​Additional resources have been added to manage heavy loads in the Sybiz Employer Portal. (CR180738317)

  • The ability is now available to restrict users in Visipay from seeing employee records of those who report to them. (CR180738379)

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