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Sybiz Visipay 19.00

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Important Information

Upgrades to Microsoft.NET Framework
Version 19 of Sybiz Visipay utilises Microsoft.NET Framework version 4.6 and therefore some custom add-ons may require updating. Older operating systems may also be required to download .NET updates prior to installation of Sybiz 19.

Operating system compatibility
Certain older operating systems (Microsoft Windows XP, some versions of Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Server 2003) and Microsoft SQL Server (2008/2008R2) are not compatible with Sybiz 19 - if uncertain consult your Authorised Business Partner prior to upgrading.

New technology for ESS
The technology behind Employee Self Service (ESS) has been updated to MVC 5 (from MVC 3) in this release. Please speak to your Business Partner prior to upgrading if you use Employee Self Service.



Accessibility skins
Skins in Sybiz Visipay are now more accessible for people with a vision impairment or low vision. Two new accessibility skins have been added (High Contrast White & High Contrast Black) as well as 6 additional skins for even more personalisation.

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HELP and SFSS merge into STSL
Changes in the rates and method for recouping student loan debt from 1 July 2019 mean that the SFSS check box has been made redundant in version 19. Employees with HELP, SFSS or both checked will automatically have the STSL field checked upon upgrade.

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Alternate bank transfer file format
Users now have the ability to utilise the Account Description on employee's banking details in place of the employee's name in bank transfer files. This is especially useful where an employee has a portion of their pay transferred into another person's bank account. The Alternate Format will need to be selected from the Options > Company Details.

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Single Touch Payroll
A year on from the introduction of Single Touch Payroll, our integrated STP functionality has only improved. Whether you're a micro-employer or managing thousands, Sybiz Visipay has you covered.


Single Touch Payroll Compliance

Single Touch Payroll (STP) was introduced in July 2018. Sybiz Visipay, combined with the Sybiz Employer Portal, enables you to complete your STP reporting and ensure it is verified with the ATO. Single Touch Payroll has been mandatory for businesses with 20 or more employees since 1 July 2018, and smaller employers 1 July 2019.

For more information regarding Single Touch Payroll, including Frequently Asked Questions and information on the Sybiz Employer Portal, please visit our dedicated STP page.  

Making Single Touch Payroll active
Enabling Single Touch Payroll reporting within Sybiz Visipay is relatively easy. The relevant settings are accessible by going to File > Options > Tax Details, and select Active under Single Touch Payroll (as shown below).  Enabling STP in Sybiz Visipay allows you to identify that you want to use Single Touch Payroll. If you need to perform payment summary reporting you can temporarily disable STP by unchecking the box.

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Employee address errors
Employee addresses are required to be complete and correct for Single Touch Payroll purposes.

A few rules have been added, such as: Address Line 1 must be present; Address Line 2 is optional if Address Line 1 is used; Postcodes must be entered; Where 'Other' state has been chosen, the relevant country needs to be selected from the drop down menu.

It is recommended to review employee on-boarding processes to ensure the collection of address details is formalised.

Errors will appear on employee records where necessary Single Touch Payroll data is missing.

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Categorisation of Allowances
An additional field called ‘Category’ has been made available for Allowance pay items. By default, all Allowances are set to the value ‘Other’ and you will need to recategorise as appropriate into one of the 5 specific options; or leave as ‘Other’ in the event that a specific option does not apply. Sybiz Visipay utilises the description field for 'Other' categorised Allowances which can be customised but must not contain non-alphanumeric characters such as +  <  >  |  \ `  ~  # ^ _  {  } 

Each employee is limited to 20 'Other' allowance categories in any one financial year.

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Warnings on Employee Number
The employee numbers allocated against an employee record in Sybiz Visipay are now recorded by the ATO. The ATO will use these numbers as another form of unique identification against individuals. 

Warnings will now appear on employee records when you attempt to change the employee number after you have made an STP submission for those employees.

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Sybiz Employer Portal
A link to the Sybiz Employer Portal is available in the software via the application menu. The Sybiz Employer Portal is required for STP reporting through Sybiz Visipay and is used to verify your STP submission with the ATO. A user guide for the Sybiz Employer Portal is available to download.

Sybiz Employer Portal


STP Transfer
Under the Utilities menu, the 'ATO Transfer' button is used to initiate the STP reporting process and now shows the event type options for Single Touch Payroll reporting. Employees can be included or excluded from reporting by selecting or unselecting the checkboxes. The Single Touch Payroll Declaration needs to be checked on every submission. For security reasons your Sybiz Employer Portal Credentials are not saved in the database and these will need to be entered each time.

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Fixes and Improvements

  • The Super Influence amount for employees is now being included in Prior Year Single Touch Payroll (STP) events. (CR190741407)

  • Working Holiday Makers (WHM) allowances are now being correctly reported as gross earnings instead of allowances on Payment Summaries. (CR190741362)

  • Intermittent issues with the Employee import function have now been resolved. (CR190641046)

  • The Show Groups option in the report list is now working correctly. (CR190440609)

  • Employment Termination Payments (ETP) are now showing in the correct year only in Single Touch Payroll (STP). (CR190741376)

  • Employment Termination Payments (ETP) are included as gross earnings for Working Holiday Makers in Single Touch Payroll (STP) events. (CR190741394)

  • STP Employer Level totals and Working Holiday Makers (WHM) gross amounts no longer include non-reportable allowances. (CR190741380)

  • The pay period end date is now correctly reported via STP where a pay period starts before the beginning of a new financial year. (CR190741393)

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