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5 reasons to pay Super electronically.

5 Reasons your business should pay super electronically

If your business is paying Super commitments the old fashioned way, it could be costing more than you think...

Here are 5 good reasons your payroll officer should pay staff Super electronically:

1. Saves valuable time by processing ONE single electronic payment to multiple funds

2. Reduces business risk by allowing the payroll officer to check fund rules before any payment is made

3. Prevents excess errors by lowering the chances of returned payments due to incorrect or incomplete fields

4. Decreases business costs - no more manual processes such as the onerous task of writing out multiple cheques & remittances
5. Gives the payroll team access to more information at their fingertips, such as reference numbers and times and dates of choice presentment

Click on the image below to download the PDF

5 reasons your payroll officer should pay staff Super electronically PDF.

Please note this facility is only available through the Sybiz Visipay SQL version (10.20 and above).


Sybiz Visipay payroll software allows more flexibility with your Super commitments.

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Sybiz Visipay is Certified SuperStream Compliant (Gold Level) by the ATO.

Sybiz Visipay Certified Superstream ready 

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