Why upgrade?

It's more important than ever to be on the latest version of your software

There are many reasons why a business should keep their business technology up to date, including Microsoft Windows and Server requirements, new business regulations and cybersecurity.

But securing the financial solution driving your business operations every day should be a top priority.

Each version of Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay contains new functionality that can propel your business potential, vastly streamline everyday tasks, or open new opportunities. Businesses today must maximise every tool available to respond faster and more effectively to supplier, customer and stakeholder needs; and your business solution is your most critical tool.

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The future of Sybiz Vision

This year we released our Product Roadmap, outlining the next 5 years of Sybiz Vision's development beginning with version 19. Each version in the coming years will build on the last, growing the scope and versatility of your ERP solution. This makes Sybiz 19 an especially critical release - one which will help your business to take full advantage of functionality introduced in each subsequent version.

Single Touch Payroll (Australia only)

Single Touch Payroll is a major reform of payroll reporting standards in Australia and is now mandatory for both 'substantial' employers (those who employ 20 or more staff) and 'smaller' employers (those employing 19 or fewer). The first 12 months of Single Touch Payroll has presented challenges for businesses and software vendors alike. Sybiz has worked dilligently with customers, business partners, the ATO and technology providers to deliver the highest quality experience to all of our customers, and we continue to do so with the release of Sybiz Visipay 19.00.

Why is my Business Partner required to upgrade my solution?

Every business uses Sybiz's solutions differently - sometimes in large or small ways. Almost all Sybiz Vision users have some combination of custom grids, breakpoints, workflows, reports and pivots, or integrations with other software that assist them in achieving their unique operational goals. Sometimes, improvements and new technologies introduced in new software releases can cause interruptions in customisations and integrations, which can disrupt regular operations. Your Business Partner has played a critical role in implementing and supporting your solution, and will often have a deep knowledge of your particular configuration and the associated risks in upgrading. By consulting with your business partner before upgrading, they will be able to advise you if your solution may be impacted by any incoming changes and help reduce any potential disruption.

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