Single Touch Payroll

Checks and balances

Sybiz worked closely with tax industry leaders to ensure we delivered a powerful, secure online solution for STP compliance. The Sybiz Employer Portal brings more than a bridge between your payroll data and the ATO. Built with careful consideration for the challenges of managing Single Touch Payroll, the Sybiz Employer Portal contains a suite of features to keep you in control of STP reporting.

Reporting and submissions

The Sybiz Employer Portal will keep submitting your STP report until successful, meaning staff don’t need to manually resubmit. Submission history allows staff to drill down into previous STP reports and detailed validation reports when submitting places an extra layer of assurance for payroll officers to view potential errors and make corrections.

Built in to Sybiz Visipay

Compliance starts with data integrity. Sybiz Visipay has been updated with STP-mandated data and formatting requirements, alerting payroll staff when employee data is required or incomplete. Sybiz Visipay has been certified by the ATO as a Single Touch Payroll compliant solution.

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