Adapting your business technology for a new working environment

Adapting to change

Requirements for social distancing and hygiene measures have seen offices temporarily shut all over the world and an unexpected work-from-home revolution kick off as a result.
Adapting your business technology for a new working environment
While social distancing measures are being gradually relaxed, the success of remote work arrangements in recent months will surely see many employees opt to maintain the home office. This will obviously have an impact on how you manage your staff resources but your business technology will also need to be ready to adapt to these new arrangements.

In fact, social distancing and hygiene requirements will have a broad impact on how you manage your business technology across multiple working scenarios. Developing a focused strategy for maintaining and managing your technology assets at home, in the office and out in the field will be critical to sustainable productivity and safety.

Tracking equipment in the home office

Nearly every business has had to find a remote work arrangement that works best for them. For some, this means allowing staff to take home office equipment to continue fulfilling their duties while others allow staff to use their own equipment in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Lending office equipment to employees might not present many complications in the short term, but any long-term arrangement will require more scrutiny in tracking of assets. As every employee will have different requirements - computers and accessories, phones, even additional cables - ensuring accurate, costeffective supply of these assets will greatly benefit your business in these uncertain times.

However, this requires a level of complexity and control beyond the limitations of a simple spreadsheet. Especially as depreciation and maintenance come into play, having the ability to report on your assets will provide greater insight into how they are bringing value to your business.

Having fixed asset management functionality integrated within your ERP solution means you can accurately report on the entire lifecycle of your plant equipment and assets. And when you assign assets to an individual employee and location, track maintenance, and categorise depreciation rates for their work scenario, you gain a much clearer picture of an asset’s longterm value.

Contact tracing and sharing devices

Business around the world are seeing how important contact tracing and hygiene will be in ensuring customer confidence and employee safety. In fact, contact tracing may become a regular part of your workflow.

Employees and managers will likely need to keep track of sanitisation and handling for any devices or tools that are shared between staff, or simply impose limitations on their use. Alternatively, businesses that typically shared smart devices or tools between staff may instead tag and assign dedicated devices to individuals. Similar policies may also be required for shared vehicles.

Either solution will require a workflow that tracks when and by whom equipment was last used. As businesses face such requirements, they will need the flexibility to quickly adapt their workflows to meet these new challenges.
Business technology
An ERP solution uniquely adapted for your business can help you intuitively manage this entire workflow in a way that is both efficient and accessible for employees. Leveraging the experience of the Sybiz community and the incredible flexibility of Sybiz Vision ERP, you can take advantage of a customised solution that is as unique as your own business.

Intuitive access across all devices

Depending on how you manage your IT services and assets, having equipment more spread out might mean it’s harder to manage upgrades, maintenance and other technical requirements.

For example, if you have implemented a BYOD scheme, software and operating system upgrades can be difficult to coordinate. Any staff running outdated operating systems could leave themselves - and your business - vulnerable to security flaws. A few staff stuck on an older operating system may hold everyone back from updating to the latest version of your ERP solution.

However, with a browser-based cloud solution you can sidestep the limitations of staff devices while still ensuring reliable security. Your ERP solution is stored in a secure, personalised server which employees can access through their internet browser. There’s no need to manage software installs for each employee and they are less reliant on the technical capability of their device.

Sybiz utilises a browser-based cloud solution and the power of Microsoft Azure to make your ERP solution feel like a natural extension of your Office 365 suite. Staff can utilise Windows Authentication single sign-on with multi-factor authentication to connect to a suite of business management solutions, backed by the security and stability of Microsoft 365.

This is a great solution for any workforce that is spread out across multiple locations but still need fast, reliable access to their ERP solution.

Ready to get your business back on track? As the world adapts to a new normal for business operations, you’ll need an ERP solution that is ready for the changes affecting all of us. Sybiz has been supporting businesses worldwide for over 45 years with incredible software solutions. And we’re ready to support you through the challenges to come.

Contact Sybiz today to discuss how our solutions can help your business thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 


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