Managing absences with a remote workforce

Adapting to change

Industries around the world are rapidly shifting to a remote work model, forcing businesses to adapt to new challenges around communication and collaboration. Hygiene and health have also become focal points, as employees are instructed to stay home even if they have mild symptoms of illness.Managing absences with a remote workforce

This is leading to a workforce that is spread out, disconnected and more likely to take unexpected absences.

Not only should employers be helping strengthen employee connections but also put in place strategies to make up for unexpected knowledge gaps in their day to day operation. If a business is not making use of every tool at their disposal, now is the time to explore how your ERP and HCM solution can help you manage the changing landscape of staff connectivity.

Tracking staff absences online

First, it’s important to know when and which staff are available. Keeping track of employee absences - planned or unplanned - could become more complicated as more employees are working remotely. Coordination of staff absences will require further sophistication as businesses are required to do away with paper leave requests or face-to-face confirmation of time off.

An Employee Self Service solution can vastly streamline this process by allowing employees at all levels to use a dedicated online portal to lodge leave requests, view leave balances and gain an overview of the organisation’s leave calendar. Managers can log in to see at a glance what resources are available and respond to staff shortages faster than before.

To make it even easier for payroll staff, Sybiz’s ESS solution connects directly with Sybiz Visipay to easily calculate loading and wages.

Keeping compliant with Single Touch Payroll

Single Touch Payroll requires employers to report payroll data each pay run to the Australian Taxation Office. While most businesses have adapted well to this new regulation, it can be intimidating to someone who hasn’t had to process an STP report.

Because even when your regular payroll officer is away, your STP report must still be submitted before or on the day pays are processed.Unexpected absences

One way to combat this is to set up an additional user for Single Touch Payroll processing as soon as possible. Since each is required to have their own Multi-Factor Authentication, once a user is set up they can securely access STP submissions and step in with little notice, should the need arise. If you would like to know more about managing Single Touch Payroll during staff absences, you can check our STP FAQs.

Business continuity from a distance

Even before our working lives were disrupted, ‘information siloing’ was a common problem. Almost every business has experienced issues when a critical staff member is unavailable and no one else has the information required to answer a question or advance a job.

It is easy to see that with more people working from home and staff likely to take time off if they are feeling unwell, it can become harder to keep information flowing between colleagues unless businesses make it easier to collaborate.

A CRM solution will become a valuable tool for many businesses who want to keep information dynamic and accessible to everyone who needs it.

For example, if a part time staff member is trying to follow up on an unpaid invoice, their latest action can be documented within the CRM solution and viewed by others without needing to wait until the staff member is available. Or, an account manager working remotely can see the staff member has spoken to the customer and decide on the next course of action.

Utilising a CRM solution as the information hub of your organisation, staff can easily pick up where others have left off or document the progress of an issue for others to see later. When managed correctly, it can become a clear, running report of what’s going on in your business.

Businesses need to respond faster to a changing world. But Sybiz has been helping businesses like yours change and adapt for over 40 years. Whether you want to restructure operations or streamline business processes for greater profitability, Sybiz has the experience and solutions to help you make the change.

Contact Sybiz today to discuss how our solutions can help your business thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 


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