Keeping a closer eye on your business performance

Adapting to change

We are all facing unprecedented pressure with changes to the way we live and work. Whether you’re a business manager or owner, you’ll be facing the challenges ahead by either increasing your operations to meet demand or streamlining operations to keep your business driving forward. Regardless, the uncertainty of this new landscape means everyone will want to maintain a Keeping a closer eye on your business performancetighter focus on budgeting and cashflow.

Of course, this will require the right integrated analysis tools to provide a comprehensive understanding of your business performance. But this is just one half of the solution. To act on the guidance of your data intelligence, your business must also have a suite of tools designed to give you the agility and responsiveness required in day to day operations.

Making budgets a business blueprint

When your staff are relying too much on manual data entry or using multiple systems to view financial data, performance and accuracy suffer. In fact, one of the most common drivers to upgrade from an accounting system (or an older business software solution) to a modern ERP solution is the need for better financial control.

Those who have already made the change can probably see how the budgeting and financial capabilities of a modern ERP solution - such as distinctly tracking multiple streams of income, utilising intelligent budget controls and tracking performance through live analytics - all play important roles in navigating this uncertain time.

With budgeting capabilities like those in Sybiz Vision, users can utilise previous budgets for new periods or financial years to create a rolling understanding of their performance. When data needs to change quickly - such as adding a new income or support stream - budgets can be exported to Microsoft Excel for manipulation, then imported back into Sybiz Vision.

It’s the start of a blueprint your business needs to decisively navigate what’s ahead.

Gain insight far beyond static reporting

While many businesses rely on the timehonoured reporting run to get their regular analysis, modern ERP solutions offer a range of data analytic capabilities that are vastly more intuitive.

Dashboards, for example, are a tailored view of information that is relevant to you, your department or whole-of-business. Dashboards can be your touchstone for each day; giving an upfront understanding of the state of your business or acting as a guide along the way.

Instead of searching for old reports or running new ones each day, dashboards remain live, up to date and just a click away. Data analysis also becomes more intuitive as information is displayed graphically or limited only to what you need.
Keeping a closer eye on your business performance
Of course, it’s still important to take that deeper dive into your business health. Through a dynamic graphic interface, live analytics provide the ability to drill down into information and recontextualise data on the fly to gain an in-depth understanding of your business performance.

Live analytics are also highly customisable, allowing them to pull information from across your software - or even third-party products - for a uniquely tailored experience.

Utilise your ERP solution fully to respond to challenges

But what about the day to day management of a business? It’s one thing to know how your business is doing, but your business also needs the tools to act on that information.

For example, late invoice payments are a problem that plagues every industry. Managing cashflow can be problematic when you are juggling late creditors and overdue invoices. And controlling both will be even more critical for the average business in today’s complex market. Successful management requires a solution equipped with  the tools to respond to the complexities of managing invoice payments and cashflow.

With an intelligent ERP solution like Sybiz Vision, invoices can be sorted and viewed as needed, data can be drilled down into and users can quickly gain an understanding of each invoice’s status. Users also have the ability to hold credit lines and manage finance charges as needed to reduce the instances of late payments.

In fact, Sybiz Vision also features dynamic analytics that help users quickly gain an understanding of invoice progress, such as which orders have been delivered but not invoiced, to stay on top of inventory movement and cashflow.

Businesses need to respond faster to a changing world. But Sybiz has been helping businesses like yours change and adapt for over 40 years. Whether you want to restructure operations or streamline business processes for greater profitability, Sybiz has the experience and solutions to help you make the change.

Contact Sybiz today to discuss how our solutions can help your business thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 


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