Maintain productivity with social distancing

Adapting to change

We are all seeing the rules for businesses change on a near daily basis. And we are also seeing those who are able to survive and flourish in this new environment are those who have adapted quickly, utilising every tool at their disposal.
Maintain productivity with social distancing
Employers and employees might not be prepared for changes in how they must interact with customers or even other staff. But even in a typical workplace scenario, there are ways that businesses can utilise their ERP solution and other technologies to keep communication open and even improve productivity, while still practicing responsible social distancing.

Leverage online ordering to increase sales capacity

As everyone adapts to new social norms and limits interactions, a lot of customers will be reducing their face-to-face time with businesses. If your admin staff typically take sales orders both over the phone and from customer walk-ins, that mix could shift dramatically.

Suddenly, that handful of over-the-phone sales could become a tsunami of calls which slow down order processing and ties up admin staff for most of the day.

Your eCommerce solution will become an even greater part of your sales process, and focusing on making your B2B online ordering portal more robust will help increase sales potential while reducing load on individual staff members.

With Sybiz eCommerce solutions, the advantages of an online ordering portal go beyond increasing the ability to handle a greater sales volume. For example, Sybiz customers can also have each buyer view a personalised selection of products and orders limited to only those approved by their own organisation. Both buyers and sellers gain greater confidence in order accuracy and availability.

Communicate effectively with social distancing

We can take for granted the convenience of working closely with other staff and departments. A sales rep could simply wander into the warehouse and ask the team to pick an order they need to go out immediately. Or admin staff could approach the sales team to double check details on an invoice before processing.

But the rapid change in how businesses operate is seeing the sales reps working from home, the admin staff in the office, and the warehouse now off limits to all but essential staff. How can we maintain that ease of communication while still enforcing social distancing?
Social distancing in the workplace
There are many strategies we can adopt from businesses who have gone paperless, such as utilising the full capability of their ERP solution to provide up-to-date information to all staff at once.

An integrated CRM solution can be a vital part of this transition, as it becomes the information hub of a business and people no longer need act as information silos. A call at home from a customer gets recorded and all other staff, wherever they are, are still able to keep up. This can also be the hub of digital documents - such as invoices, orders and quotes - that anyone can view from their local device. No more physical handling!

Use digital record-keeping to improve accountability

New hygiene guidelines are affecting everyone who interacts with customers or deliveries.

Like we suggested, reducing the amount of paper handling can be a good step in controlling hygiene. This can also apply to warehouse staff implementing social distancing by eliminating the handover of documents.

Instead, digital copies can be stored against a customer or CRM file in your ERP solution, which the warehouse team can check on their own devices. This also avoids the problem of warehouse staff receiving a printed order in advance of picking the items, only to have the order change later in the day due to additional demand.

Whether through a terminal or tablet, warehouse staff can switch from printed picking ‘slips’ to allocating picking and packing tasks from their ERP solution and allocate tasks to themselves in a dedicated interface.

An added benefit of ERP-managed picking and packing assignment is traceability of who has interacted with products in the supply chain, should you need to perform an audit for health and safety reasons.

Businesses need to respond faster to a changing world. But Sybiz has been helping businesses like yours change and adapt for over 40 years. Whether you want to restructure operations or streamline business processes for greater profitability, Sybiz has the experience and solutions to help you make the change.

Contact Sybiz today to discuss how our solutions can help your business thrive in a rapidly evolving world. 


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