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Developing and Integration with Sybiz Software

Sybiz's suite of business software solutions are built on Microsoft's SQL framework, allowing for powerful integration with third party applications and developments. Customers can connect with the network of third party developers creating new integrations with Sybiz software to meet their highly unqiue business needs.

Creating third party integrations

The flexibility of Sybiz products allows for easy development and integration of third party vertical market applications. Supported by the internal Sybiz development team, the Sybiz Third Party Developers License allows third party developers to create APIs and modular content integrating with existing Sybiz products. The Sybiz Third Party Developers License provides comprehensive information about the development and functional deployment of Sybiz add on applications, including code examples and further information regarding our unique ‘Autoload’ functionality. Applications can be created for in-house or commercial use.

Sybiz Software Integration Options

Sybiz products use Microsoft SQL Server as their back-end data storage. The data is owned by the customer themselves and accessible via the application providing a valid license is maintained. Customers will always have access to the database itself. Third-party developers are free to query the database to read data any way they desire; they are also welcome to create their own tables with an appropriate schema to prevent naming collisions in future releases. All Sybiz stored procedures, views and functions are encrypted to prevent modification by third-parties.

External data modification - outside of the below mentioned API methods - is not supported and there are protections in place to identify data that was entered directly into the database. These are complex business objects with a number of business rules which must be enforced to ensure data integrity, including but not limited to database transaction protection which is at the application level not the database level.

For more information or to purchase a Sybiz Third Party Developers License, please contact your local Sybiz office.

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