Role-Based Security

Even as businesses strive to protect themselves from outside threats, maintaining internal security is just as important. Whether securing your organisation from fraudulent behaviour or simply overseeing accurate operations at a critical stage, Sybiz delivers flexibility and peace of mind. 

Role Based SecurityReduce risk

Secure your business through customisable role-based security, reducing risk by separating duties and limiting access to sensitive data . Fine detail control allows for users to encompass multiple roles, or even limited access to processing periods.

Instant allocation

Work with pre-defined security controls or create your own. Roles are allocated to individual users or staff types and define how employees view and interact with data.

Track and trace

Utilise the Application Log and Change Log to track every alteration made within your database, on both software and server levels, storing relevant information in a clear narrative format. Understand how staff interact with your solution and achieve operational accountability.

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