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Manage SuperStream with the Sybiz Employer Portal

The Sybiz Employer Portal is used to complete your SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll reporting with the ATO through Sybiz Visipay. It offers a secure file transfer to your employees' super funds, additional data validation, submission status updates and submission history.

If you are not currently using Sybiz to manage your SuperStream submissions, you can speak to our BusinessCare team about signing up. Some benefits of SybizSuper are:

  • Utilises the same portal as used for Single Touch Payroll purposes
  • No set up costs
  • 30% reduction in service fees compared to the old SybizSuper portal
  • Uniquely tied to your Sybiz Visipay solution; enter data once into your payroll solution and it flows through to the Sybiz Employer Portal
  • Access additional functionality designed to help users streamline submissions, secure employee data and keep up with ATO requirements

If you're an existing Sybiz Visipay user and already using the Sybiz Employer Portal for Single Touch Payroll, you're half way there! Simply follow the steps below to get started.

To sign up to SybizSuper you will need to:

  • Check you are on the latest version of Sybiz Visipay
  • Sign the updated Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) document and email it to BusinessCare
  • Download the list for USI mapping to help you update your database. The Sybiz Employer Portal requires the use of the Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI) as the reference for super funds which may not be the same as the SPIN or ABN currently in use
  • When exporting SybizSuper details from Sybiz Visipay use version number 3 to import into the Sybiz Employer Portal

If you have any questions regarding the Sybiz Employer Portal, SybizSuper or if you need assistance please contact us. Please do not contact SuperChoice (portal service providers).

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