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The introduction of SuperStream enforced a unified reporting standard for employers, super funds, clearing houses and the ATO, while also allowing employers to make a single submission even when paying to multiple funds. All Australian employers must submit super contributions through an electronic SuperStream solution.

SuperStream compliance in Sybiz Visipay

Sybiz has always been committed to making sure our customers are ready for the latest in payroll compliance. We partnered with SuperChoice, one of the leading superannuation clearing houses in Australia, to create a SuperStream solution that was intuitive, efficient, cost-effective and offered more than other vendor solutions. Our Gold Level SuperStream solution has been officially recognised and accredited by the Australian Tax Office.

Built in to the Sybiz Employer Portal, users gain the same incredible features that have ensured STP users success and confidence in their reporting, like multi-factor authentication, data validation and submission alerts.

What makes Sybiz Visipay unique

Some other SuperStream solutions still rely on manual intervention from clearing houses, meaning someone opens your submitted file and rekeys data for each superannuation fund.

Others don't provide a data validation mechanism or alerts when data is not likely to be accepted by your super funds. This can lead to delays when super funds may reject an entire submission because of a single error.

Sybiz and SuperChoice have delivered a truly automated solution. The Sybiz Employer Portal utilises intelligent data matching to ensure employee data is reported accurately - while also remaining private.

The Sybiz Employer Portal also alerts users to errors in data before it is submitted. Users can utilise this extra layer of data validation to ensure submissions will be successful to greatly reduce the chances of rejection. 

A whole of business solution

Sybiz Visipay offers growing, ambitious businesses more than SuperStream and Single Touch Payroll compliance. Sybiz Visipay takes the best of our 40 years experience developing business software to provide Australian businesses a comprehensive human capital management solution. Sybiz Visipay also contains a wide range of HR management tools to help you track and develop your growing workforce capacity - including leave management, staff development, human resource functionality and more.

Our payroll solution integrates with our powerful ERP solution, Sybiz Vision, creating a whole-of-business management solution. Empowering your business with critical functionality including multi-currency control, negative inventory lines, multi-location and stock tracking, Sybiz Vision is a versatile ERP solution that is equally at home on the desktop or in the cloud.

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