Why upgrade?

Face the new decade with the latest version of your business software

Each version of Sybiz Vision and Sybiz Visipay contains new functionality that can propel your business potential, vastly streamline everyday tasks, or open new opportunities. Businesses today must maximise every tool available to respond faster and more effectively to supplier, customer and stakeholder needs; and your business solution is your most critical tool.

But accessing new functionality isn’t the only reason to keep your business technology up to date. Updating also means staying on top of hardware requirements, meeting compliance regulations, and protecting yourself against cybersecurity threats. Properly securing the financial solution that drives your operational performance every day should be a major consideration for every business.

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The future of Sybiz Vision

In 2019 we released our Product Roadmap, outlining key targets in Sybiz Vision's development over the coming years. Each future version will build on the last, growing the scope and versatility of your ERP solution. These releases will all be especially critical in helping your business take full advantage of functionality introduced in each subsequent version. Take a look at our Roadmap and discuss with your Business Partner how you can take advantage of the incredible new functionality to come.

Single Touch Payroll (Australia only)

Single Touch Payroll is a major reform of payroll reporting standards in Australia and is now mandatory for virtually all employers. Through extensive consultation with customers across Australia, we have heard how Sybiz Visipay has taken the hard work out of setting up and managing STP reporting. The Sybiz Employer Portal has been continually improved since launching in 2018 and even recorded a 99.8% success rate for submissions in the first two months. We have also prepared a number of resources to help staff understand how STP affects them at tax time.

Why is my Business Partner required to upgrade my solution?

Every business uses Sybiz solutions differently, from minor tweaks to highly specific processes. Sybiz Vision users can take advantage of a combination of custom grids, breakpoints, workflows, reports and pivots, or integrations with other software that assist them in achieving their unique operational goals. As with all software, new features introduced in future software releases can clash with customisations and integrations, which can disrupt regular operations. A significant change in a typically standard process may require time for you to adjust or adapt to your operations.

Your Business Partner plays a critical role in implementing and supporting your solution and will often have personal knowledge of your software configuration, including any complications that upgrading may introduce. By consulting with your Business Partner before upgrading, they will be able to advise you if your solution may be impacted by any incoming changes and help reduce any potential disruption.

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