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Il Pastaio

Making the move to the new Sybiz Vision was a logical step for a business with Il Pastaio’s ambition and drive.

Il Pastaio

“I am learning more now than I’ve ever learnt about Sybiz. It’s terrific.”

True to their name Il Pastaio (“The Pasta Man”) produce a range of fresh, gourmet pasta offerings for specialty retail clients, while also servicing special events, airlines, public services, convenience stores and more across Australia with fresh, ready-to-eat meals.

Having taken over Il Pastaio in the 80’s with her husband, Chris Bacci is now Financial Controller. Drawing on their respective backgrounds, Chris handles HR, accounting and finances, while her husband manages the sales and product development side of the business. 

“We moved from a small factory in inner west Sydney and now we have 4 factories that we work from side by side. One side is our wet production area and the other side is our pasta manufacturing.”
“We have a real love and passion for food, we always have.”

Il Pastaio have expanded their offerings to bigger clients, more advanced technologies and evolving consumer tastes, while remaining dedicated to their Italian cuisine roots. Both the manufacturing and administration aspects of the business required an integrated solution that could manage and grow alongside.

Making the move to the new Sybiz Vision was a logical step for a business with Il Pastaio’s ambition and drive.

A twin approach to success

Chris told us how happy everyone at Il Pastaio has been with the upgrade to the latest Sybiz Vision. And two key factors were their willingness to enact change management policies and the close consultation with their Authorised Business Partner Advanced Accounting Systems.

Chris singled out members of Advanced Accounting Systems who were critical to their successful transition and continue to provide ongoing value.

“Dal is just very knowledgeable, and he’s taught me so much. “

“He changed the way that we were doing cost analysis and production and manufacturing. It’s been a fantastic help to us.”

Advanced Accounting Systems operate from Western Australia but serve customers all over Australia with a dedication that means no distance has ever held them back.

“I did worry that with Dal being over in WA it could be a problem – but it’s absolutely never been an issue. I can email him whenever, I can text him, he always gets back to me.”

“When he’s in Sydney he comes for half a day or a day. I am learning more now than I’ve ever learnt about Sybiz. It’s terrific.”

Change Management was essential to Il Pastaio’s successful transition to Sybiz Vision.

Again, with Dal and the team at Advanced Accounting Systems, Il Pastaio were able to understand where efficiencies could be made along with the new Sybiz Vision solution. 

“They’re great to work with. No one ever said before, ‘Why are you doing it this way? This is what we should be doing’.” 

Chris said consulting with Dal has, in many areas, halved the workload from her previous processes.
“He’s been wonderful. His knowledge is terrific in all areas; in manufacturing, very knowledgeable.” 

“We get in thousands of raw material and packaging daily, so the processing was probably the big thing, having that manufacturing part was very important to us.”

A simple transition to STP

Having started using Single Touch Payroll from 2018, Chris told us that she had found the transition seamless, thanks to the wealth of resources from Sybiz and Advanced Applications.

“We’ve been using (Single Touch Payroll) for the last year and it’s seamless. There’s no problems.” 

“I got onto one of the web links from Sybiz and looked at that and it just worked fine. And nothing ever bounced back, it goes through every week.”

“The final one at the end of this year was really easy.”

As Chris and the rest of the team at Il Pastaio continue to work with Advanced Accounting Systems and Sybiz, she said she’s excited to explore how Sybiz Vision can provide even greater value across the business.

“It is a great product. Like I said to my husband, I can’t believe we didn’t know that we could get this information.”


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