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The right fix for FIX-A-TAP

When FIX-A-TAP sought a modern, effective solution to their payroll and human resource difficulties, choosing a vendor who shared their experience and dedication to customer service was the obvious choice.

The right fix for FIX-A-TAP


Managing payroll for 40 employees was a time consuming and inefficient process for FIX-A-TAP. Having to print payslips and payment summaries, as well as calculating super and accruals, took an unnecessary amount of resources for a business dedicated to efficiency and satisfaction.


Simon Lisk, FIX-A-TAP’s Financial Controller, was introduced to Sybiz Visipay by their Business Partner, Systems Practice. After seeing the solution in action - through a tailored demonstration aimed at identifying and solving FIX-A-TAP’s specific payroll difficulties - Simon says he was confident they had found the right solution. “We had no doubt Sybiz was the right solution for us. The ease and success of the implementation proved us all to be right.” 

Sybiz Visipay’s automatic calculation of superannuation and accruals, and streamlined processes for day-to-day management of payroll, have simplified FIX-A-TAP’s operations leading to increased productivity and accuracy. Additionally, the transition from regular, paper payslips to electronic distribution not only saves FIX-A-TAP time and money, it also allows them to remain committed to their promise of environmental sustainability.


“The time savings through the ability to email payslips and payment summaries comfortably offset the software cost,” Simon explains. The implementation and training was incredibly fast and simple, thanks to the great work from the team at Systems Practice and preparedness of the team at FIX-A-TAP. With Sybiz Visipay, FIX-A-TAP have been able to transform payroll management from a complicated, costly process into a simple and efficient one – even if the company experiences a massive increase in scale – and channel their focus back into high quality customer service.

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