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Sybiz Vision 17.21

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New Features


Job and Service Schedulers
Scheduling functionality is now available for Jobs and Service in an easy to view calendar, allowing users to better utilise and manage staff resources. Simply drag and drop Service Requests or Jobs onto the calendar to create scheduled appointments. Set personalised, default settings for every day appointments or edit on the fly to accommodate for different time zones, priority levels, and more. (CR170533727)


Custom Scheduler
For more unique requirements, you are able to create customised versions of the Job and Service schedules. (CR170533727)

Service Quotes
Service Quotes are now available in Sybiz Vision, adding another level of control for service management. The default workflow takes accepted Service Quotes and automatically converts them into new Service Requests. (CR170935146)


Service Transaction Enquiry Screens 
Enquiry screens have now been added for Service transactions, enabling users to enquire into timesheet lines, Meter reading, billing and servicing lines and Service Actions. (CR180537601)

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User State Clear 
Rather than clearing a user's entire settings, individual user states can now be cleared to revert a user back to default settings and can be done by a system administrator or by the end user themselves. This will allow the removal of customised settings such as favourite tabs, transaction screen layouts, report defaults, enquiry screen settings or customisations. Users still have the option to reset all. (CR180537599)


Clear Change Log 
The Change Log history is now able to be cleared up to a nominated date in Sybiz Vision. Rights can be set at user level so only administrators have access to this feature. Sybiz always recommends taking and retaining a back-up before clearing the Change Log.  (CR180537600)


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Streamlined support for Office 365 email
Sybiz Vision now provides more streamlined support of web-based Microsoft Office 365 email. Set up is flexible, allowing default emails to be sent from a master or individual account and have the ability to reply from the same, making email management simple. 

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Service Journals
Service Journals are now available in Sybiz Vision, allowing users to offset outstanding service costs when they cannot be invoiced. 

Breakpoints in External Applications
The External Applications function now gives you the ability to add bespoke functionality via Breakpoint extensions. Buttons can be added to the Custom tab for easy access. (CR180537603)

Website URL extensions in External Applications
The External Applications function now gives you the ability to add website URL extensions. Easily set up and launch websites to display within Sybiz Vision (just like this 'What's New' page). (CR180537604)

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Taxable Payments Annual Report update
Some changes have been made to the way Taxable Payment Annual Report (TPAR) data is collected and reported to meet new legislative requirements. Now, when viewing suppliers with TPAR tax codes, you will see every transaction that relates to them, enabling you to identify incorrect entries whilst still reporting only those transactions that are required. (CR160429405, CR180136368, CR170935205)

Manufacturing Transaction Enquiry Screen improvements
Improvements have been made to the Manufacturing Transaction Enquiry screens, as well as an added Quality Assurance Location field. (CR180537607)

Additional text on Case Files
Additional note description text is now available on Case Files, enabling users to include more detailed descriptions. (CR180537610)

Optional supplier product codes
The supplier product codes are no longer mandatory, saving time on unnecessary data entry - if not provided, the system will use your internal product code. This also includes structured products. (CR170232723)

Product location export improvements
The Product location export now includes additional fields, providing more information to assist in updating product location records. (CR170734852)

Default tax codes for Job payments
Users can now set default tax codes for cashbook payments made to a Job, saving time and user error. Tax codes are now mandatory to assist in the required Taxable Payments Annual Report. (CR171035626)

Saved Transaction Enquiries
All transactions that can be saved are now included in the relevant enquiry screens. (CR180537605)

New Inventory Transaction Enquiry Screens
New inventory enquiry screens have now been created for the following related transaction types:

  • For regular inventory items, assemblies and structured stock: Stocktake, Stock Transfer.

  • For regular inventory items and assemblies: Job Estimate lines, Job Cost lines, Job Costed Invoices (under Invoices), Job Pre-Invoices (under Invoices), Service Action lines. (CR180537606)

Inventory posting methods now support posting by Location and Product groups
Users can now nominate Inventory posting methods by Product and/or Location groups. This is especially useful for non-diminishing stock product items such as freight and consulting. (180537602)

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Changes to purchase transaction price
Purchase transactions will now use the last supplier invoice price over the last delivery price, providing a more accurate way of default pricing transactions. (CR170332984)

Serial numbers on sales and purchase transaction reports
Serial numbers from all related previous deliveries are now available on sales and purchase transaction reports, providing more clarity on the products invoiced and delivered. Depending on your specific requirements, this may require changes to your existing layout. (CR170734638)

Improved data validation when importing and exporting data
Data validation has been improved when importing data from external sources into sale and purchase transactions, customer and supplier journals, stocktake and special prices. Users can export invalid lines with detailed information about the errors so they can be corrected and reimported. (CR180136340)

Base Unit of Measure is now presented on the default product grid
The Base Unit of Measure is now presented on the default product grid, helping users to more easily identify and select the correct inventory item. (CR180136350)

Order numbers and references available at a glance
The Order number and Order reference are now available throughout all relevant enquiry grids, including the ability to track orders directly from alternate transactions (deliveries, invoices, etc) reducing the need for users to drill down into records to obtain this information. (CR180236546)

Grid view changes for custom fields
Custom fields are now always visible on relevant grids, even if no data has been entered for those fields, allowing users to see at a glance where additional data may be required. (CR171035627)

Service invoice run extended
The Service invoice run has been extended and now supports additional head/branch office scenarios. (CR180637938)

Additional fields on timesheet documents
Additional fields have been added to printed timesheet documentation, enabling users to more easily review data in reports. (CR180738203)

New online Help Files
Sybiz Vision Help is now available online, reducing the size of software updates. Help content is now updated more frequently, allows you to continue working in the application and remembers its size and position. (CR160630113)



Negative quantities on job invoice lines
A negative quantity can now be associated with a job line on a sales invoice, allowing for a partial adjustment to the income for that job. It is important to know that this will not result in any changes to the work in progress associated to that job. (CR180537444)

Breakpoints added to meter servicing transactions 
Breakpoints have now been added to meter servicing transactions. (CR180838542)

Meter Billing and Meter Servicing speed improvements
Speed improvements have been made to Meter Billing & Meter Servicing when processing a large number of entries at once. (CR180838537)

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Fixes and Improvements



  • Error no longer occurs when cancelling changes made to a sales representative. (CR180537416)

  • Error no longer occurs when cancelling changes made to financial periods. (CR180336869)

  • Non-editable fields on case files & activities are now properly enforced. (CR180437138)

  • Quantity & Value report no longer shows non-diminishing items. (CR180437109)

  • Manually created work orders will now populate QA location. (CR180337045, CR180136506)

  • Product information panels now display correct order quantity. (CR180336974)

  • Invoicing a job twice on a single invoice will no longer inflate the sales summary report. (CR180336877)

  • Product enquiry now shows allocated stock for structured product lines. (CR180336285)

  • Depreciation calculations on disposal have been improved. (CR180236813, CR180336852)

  • Code column in lookup maintenance window can now show all characters. (CR180236777)

  • Additional improvements / health checks to the Sybiz Vision Classic conversion. (CR171035483, CR180136286, CR180136296, CR180337038, CR180136301, CR171135765)

  • Changing bank accounts across currencies has been prevented once a cashbook has been started. (CR171236231)

  • Additional data including customer trading terms is available on the job estimate reports. (CR170935262)

  • Serial number speed improvements. (CR161031630, CR161131977)

  • Tracking node in the product enquiry screen will show all tracking numbers where the quantity is not zero. (CR131220744)

  • Auto-filter has been removed and the find panel no longer filters within wizard grids. (CR150926998)

  • Margin percentage column on transaction screens minimum size constraint has been removed. (CR180437361)

  • Service Reports have had captions changed to make it clear that completed service requests are not included by default. (CR180437257)

  • Open transaction screens now support a larger description field by default. (CR170634443)

  • Tracking can no longer be enabled if quantity is not zero. (CR180236540)

  • Reporting errors relating to conversion of custom fields will no longer occur. (CR171236080)

  • Sales credit now prints the customer code correctly on the default layout. (CR180236806)

  • Schedules lookup report now prints correctly. (CR180236770)

  • Sales by Product and Sales by Customer reports now use the invoiced and credited costs captured at the time of the original transaction; additional columns are available to use the delivered and returned cost for a more accurate but variable value. (CR180236565)

  • ​Stages and costs centres are now filtered and validated appropriately on purchase transactions. (CR180537618)

  • Transactions within Project enquiry now display in base currency. (CR180637859)

  • Service models created in earlier versions now display correctly. (CR180637865)

  • Custom field maintenance timeout extended for sites with a significant number of custom fields. (CR180637885)

  • Assembly component replacement wizard will now prevent component recursion. (CR180637897)

  • ​Ability to identify source transaction line within the inventory movement table. (CR180537611)

  • ​Speed improvements have been made to purchase transaction templates and adding documents to purchase transactions. (CR180236526)



  • Custom grids now allow editing products and other object types again. (CR180838453)

  • Margin & Markup now calculate correctly on sales quotes. (CR180838427)

  • Printed sales orders / deliveries now have access to the correct invoice customer details. (CR180838495)

  • Retention values no longer reset themselves upon processing a pre-invoice. (CR180838539)

  • Changes have been made to the way special prices interact with head-office & branch accounts. (CR180437344, CR180537479, CR180537614)​

  • ​Service requests generated from meters no longer generate errors due to incorrect foreign key. (CR180838593)

  • ​Balance sheet report no longer errors when using zoom options. (CR180838595)

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