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Sybiz Vision 18.00

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New Features

Reporting Dashboards

See key performance data at a glance with new reporting Dashboards. 37 standard dashboard options are available in Sybiz Vision 18.00 across all functional areas, providing detailed insight from right across your business.

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Custom Dashboards
Use the customisation extension to define and develop your own Dashboards to deliver the analysis your business needs. (Customisation extension required)


A new era of skins
The new range of skins are replacing all previous layouts available, providing greater accessibility and support for larger screen resolutions and increased font sizes with many colour options available. We have, where possible, mapped the skin currently being used by each user and replaced it with the best matching new skin on upgrade, including where multiple skins are being used across different company databases.

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Job Cost transaction line changes  
Line types for Job Cost transactions have been streamlined in the same way as other transaction areas for overall consistency. The line types now available are General Ledger (GL), Labour (LB), Inventory (IC), Creditor (CR), and Cashbook (CB). If the Type is set to CR and an item is selected from the inventory list (Item 2), the line is treated as a Job Stock (JS) line. Now, negative lines can also be added to Jobs on purchase transactions. (CR180838408)

Sub-categories on CRM case files
Users are now able to further segment CRM case files with the addition of sub-categories, enhancing reporting and analytics capabilities. (CR170834875)

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Custom grids on drop-down
Users now have the ability to use their own custom grids to replace the standard F6 (view command) drop down grids on transactions, enabling users to see what is most important to them. (CR180537425)

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Custom fields on Job Estimate templates
Custom fields are now available on Job Estimate templates, making it easier for users to generate specific Job Estimates. (CR180537720)
More options for conditional formatting
Conditional formatting is now available on sales and purchase transactions, making it easy to differentiate and identify items of importance. (CR180637921)

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Custom fields and delivery instructions on templates
Users are now able to add custom fields and delivery instructions on all sales and purchase templates, making transaction templates more automated. (CR161031632)

Automatic numbering on templates
All templates now support automatic numbering, making transactions faster to generate. Automatic numbering can be set up for all templates but can also be overridden when required. (CR140622128)

New online Help Files
Sybiz Vision Help is now available online, reducing the size of software updates. Help content is now updated more frequently, allows you to continue working in the application and remembers its size and position. The Help icon has moved (highlighted below), but it can still be accessed by pressing the F1 key. (CR160630113)

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Job & Service Scheduler enhancements        
Users now have the ability to create a new appointment directly from the Job and Service request maintenance and enquiry screens, introducing an alternate method of booking appointments from the current drag and drop option.
Attach transaction documents in different formats to emails
Users can now automatically attach transaction documents in different formats to emails from Sybiz Vision. Alternate formats to PDF include .xlsx and .csv files. (CR170333006)

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Attach new documents at the SMTP/Exchange email preview stage 
Users now have the ability to attach non-transaction documents to emails from Sybiz Vision at the SMTP/Exchange email preview stage, including .jpeg, .pdf, .xlsx, .csv and more. Simply drag and drop, right click to attach or select attach from the ribbon bar. (CR180537446)

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Improvement to head office/ branch office purchasing and payments
Users can now make purchases from multiple branch offices while being invoiced by a head office. (CR170433567)

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Invoice alternative customers
Even when not designated as a head office/ branch office scenario, an alternative customer can now be invoiced rather than the order customer. This allows for instances where there may be multiple head office locations. (CR170835091)

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Transaction documents to both head and branch offices
Workflow Breakpoints now allow for transaction documents to be sent to both head and branch office customers if desired, enabling more fluid communication of transactions between offices. (CR161031691)

Ability to sort branch office customers linked to the head office account
Additional columns on the Customer list allows users to filter by head office. Branch offices are sorted by account name by default. (CR180437269)
Extensions to Periodic Bills lists 
The Periodic Bill lists can also now be filtered by head office. Branch offices are sorted by account name by default. (CR180637773)

Easily make corrections to a specific line in a processed transaction
The capability has been added to automatically go to the line that requires a correction when launched from enquiry screens. This is especially useful for particular job cost lines that need correcting, by selecting the job cost line on the corrections screen that was selected for correction on the enquiry screen. (CR170634293)

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Automatic percentage totals for gross profit
The gross profit percentage for sales transactions now includes an automatically calculated gross profit percentage total at the bottom. To see these benefits a grid reset will be required. (CR180136335)

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Manufacture issue QA process nominations
Users are now able to nominate that a manufacture issue should follow a QA (Quality Assurance) process. This enhancement may result in some previously processed manufacture issues processed to the QA location appearing in the quality assurance tab of the work order process. (CR180136507)
Sales Quote Status
Sales Quotes now include a status option; pending, approved or rejected. Sales Quote statuses also show on the Cleanse Quote Wizard, making it simple to remove old or rejected quotes from your Sybiz Vision database. (CR180437186)

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Separate multiple cheques from Bank Deposit Slip
The ability is now available for the default Bank Deposit Slip to separate multiple cheque payments received from the same customer. (CR180637787)
Improvements to special prices UI
Users are now more easily able to see the full length of the Product, Customer and Supplier names within the special prices table.  Other functional improvements have been made to the special prices UI allowing the resizing and hiding of irrelevant columns. (CR180838620)
Importing items with Automatic Numbering
Sybiz Vision has an improved workflow for importing items for which automatic numbering is in use. To avoid potential conflicts, a prompt to disable automatic numbering is received allowing the import to complete and the updated numbering sequence to be set. (CR180838643)

Breakpoint extensions            
New Breakpoint extensions have been added to allow further customisation of cells on sales and purchase transactions within Sybiz Vision. These new extensions allow further control over the transactional grids such as disabling manual entry of certain cells. 
New Open/ Save dialogs           
Sybiz Vision now uses skin-based dialog windows instead of a default display when opening or saving and as a result, the dialog buttons presented when closing a form with pending changes have been altered. They are still in the same logical location/ sequence but instead of reading "Save", "Don't Save" and "Cancel" they now read "Yes", “No" and “Cancel.”

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Last month option in Customer Inactivity report
The Customer Inactivity report now includes the option to select the date choice ‘Last month’ in addition to the other standard date choices available. (CR180637952)
Additional filtering on Customer Inactivity report
Extensions have been made to the filtering options on the Customer Inactivity report specifically to benefit sales representatives. (CR180638043)

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Improvements to the Reconciliation report
Improvements have been made to the Reconciliation report in Sybiz Vision to support additional reconciliation scenarios. (CR180336842)

Cloning Meter Reading transactions
Users now have the ability to clone an exisiting meter reading transaction, making logging meter readings faster and easier. The reading date and readings are reset to current values to maintain data integrity. (CR180938854)

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Fixes and Improvements

  • ​Duplicate entries will no longer appear in the GL postings enquiry screen or transaction history report. (CR170734727, 180637968, 180738234)

  • The Quantity and Value report now uses the selected layout within report sets. (CR171035461)

  • The tracking button no longer becomes unusable when using a large font size. (CR171135971)

  • Improvements have been made to the Depreciation Schedule report. (CR171236017)

  • Serial numbers within a lot can now be returned to stock in a stocktake when transferred to elsewhere. (CR180136495)

  • Blank custom grids should no longer occur. (CR180236663)

  • Changes have been made to the fixed assets disposal process at zero value to improve reporting. (CR180336912)

  • The tracking button is now usable when using larger font sizes. (CR180437207)

  • Custom designers now reset standard parameters upon loading. (CR180537454)

  • Custom field data can now be imported for projects. (CR180537553)

  • Transactions created using the 'New From' button will now use the system date as their default aging date. (CR180537560)

  • Changes made to the components of an assembly will now save correctly. (CR180537564)

  • The auto-filter can now be used on the 'presented' column in the Bank Reconcilation. (CR180637895)

  • Improvements have been made to the way serial costed products costs are tracked. (CR180637930, 180738168)

  • Emailing a custom report will now use the standard email preview when the system is not configured to use Outlook. (CR180637950)

  • Improvements have been made to the Sybiz Vision Classic conversion process. (CR180738081)

  • Profit and Loss report will now show Gross Profit (total) when the cost of sales accounts are not present. (CR180738190)

  • Users with edit rights can now find transactions using Vision Search. (CR180738235)

  • Changing lot numbers after changing the quantity delivered no longer results in an error upon processing. (CR180738275)

  • Transaction documents that create no pages will not be attached to emails or display a print preview. (CR180838458)

  • Transfers will now show only a single entry for lot numbers on printed transaction documents. (CR180838614)

  • Improvements have been made to transaction line import routines. (CR180838630)

  • Value fields are now right justified when editing or enquiring on assemblies. (CR180938787)

  • Unit charge is now correctly stored when processing Job invoices and credits. (CR180938835)

  • Labour, Staff and Staff Type no longer require the Jobs module in order to be accessed for Service. (CR180938847)

  • Aged Balances report now generates correctly when using 'With Outstanding Transaction' filter option selected. (CR180938877)

  • Lead and Opportunity analytic drill-down now shows more appropriate decimal precision. (CR180938958)

  • Changes have been made to the default manufature order report template. (CR180938959)

  • Line notes can now be added to job estimate templates. (CR180938979)

  • Purchase templates now only show supplier analysis codes. (CR180938982)

  • Saved (unprocessed) service journals can now be deleted. (CR180938998)

  • ​Issue with duplicate entries on job analytics now corrected. (CR181039309)

  • BinNo now available in manufacture order materials dataset. (CR181039300)

  • Errors that occur during database creation, upgrade or conversion can now be exported to a text file. (CR181039261)

  • Inventory movement grid columns now allow resizing. (CR181039146)

  • Stocktake transaction now supports incremental search on the code and description columns. (181039272)

  • Financial node for profit brought forward account now displays correct data. (CR181039168)

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